Bond’s Hospital Pyjamas in Die Another Day



In Die Another Day, Bond is held by MI6 in a secured hospital room wearing pyjamas provided for him. A hospital gown would be expected for a scene like this but it’s much better to see Bond in pyjamas. The pyjamas are very basic. The shirt has four buttons, a breast pocket and long sleeves without cuffs. The trousers have a drawstring waist. The outfit is like a combination between pyjamas and scrubs, probably made in the same light blue cotton/polyester material and made with the same cheap construction.



  1. It’s been so long since I’ve seen this film that I forgot about his luxurious mane. The beard and hair on his head are pretty impressive, too.

  2. Well, I think saying that it recalls Connery’s classic pyjamas outfit from Dr. No would be a little too much here :)
    I wish he wore T&A pyjamas -they look great on their website, with a kind of shawl-collared pyjama shirt that is certainly not common-, even if I know these aren’t Bond’s own. Or at least Brioni’s…

    About DAD, which I resaw recently, I think it could be Brosnan’s best film in term of clothing. TWINE is excellent too, but it lacks variety : it’s almost only lounge suits and a ski outfit if I remember well. In DAD it’s excellent tailored clothing outfits as usual, plus a lot more casual outfits than usual that look pretty nice too.
    Maybe Brosnan has quite an excessive waistline -although less than Connery in DAF perhaps- in this movie, but it’s the one where he looks the most effortlessly cool and elegant of all his movies, I think. Too bad the characters and the story are just crap. The first hour is ok in term of suspense and action -the “Hmm… lucky I ask for it shaken” moment is just great !-, then it becomes grand-guignolesque. As one commentator has said, it’s our generation’s Moonraker, over-the-top, but I quite enjoy it, like some people would enjoy a Moore’s Bond movie perhaps.
    Sorry Matt for the last paragraph, a bit out of place I know !

    • Couldn’t agree more, and I think that Brosnan’s clothes, particularly his suits, in Die Another Day hold up incredibly well, despite the film having been released 11 years ago.

  3. Not to forget the great scene where Bond into a five star hotel, looking like a tramp, and smoothly asks for his “usual room” as if nothing is out of the ordinary.

  4. Brosnan looks, more muscular here in Die Another Day than he has ever been in a Bond film, his chest would have to be dramatically larger than in Goldeneye. But he doesn’t look as thick around the waist her as when he wears the dark grey pinstripe suit with two buttons later in the film, he must have been going up and down with his weight at the time.

    • These do not resemble any Turnbull & Asser pyjamas I’ve seen (they usually pipe the edges and give them a different kind of collar), and they don’t look luxurious either.


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