Grenadine Garza Fina Weave



When I made the illustration of grenadine garza grossa silk—the type of silk most of Sean Connery’s Bond ties were made from—I figured I should also do the other kind of grenadine: garza fina. James Bond has never worn such a tie, but he wore a similar blue honeycomb tie in Die Another Day. As the names suggests, garza fina is a finer weave than garza grossa. “Garza” is Italian for gauze, and a gauze weave is another name for the leno weave. Like the larger garza grossa, the garza fina also has twisted yarns. Without the twisted yarns it is not a grenadine weave, though you will find . The garza fina resembles a honeycomb and it doesn’t snag as easily as the garza grossa. I don’t find the finer silk as interesting as its larger counterpart, but it’s still a complex and elegant weave. Garza fina is more commonly found in American than it is in England, though it can still be found in London at Udeshi, who insists it’s the only real grenadine. Of course, you will not find grenadine selection better than at Sam Hober. Hober also has two additional types of grenadines, the prometeo and piccola.

From Saks Fifth Avenue, left, and Southwick, right


  1. Matt–As always, fascinating and informative. I only own one grenadine tie which, thanks to your last two articles, I now know is a garza grossa weave. Unfortunately, it is prone to snagging as you have eluded to, so I only wear it occasionally.

  2. Very informative article. The color of the tie on the right is beautiful, between blue and green. Congratulations !

  3. Another detailed, informative and enjoyable article…on Grenadine! I don’t know how you do it but to a lay person you manage to make everything you write about interesting.

    Keep up the great work on your most excellent blog.


  4. I love getting my ties from Sam Hober. after reading these articles, I plan to buy a few more Grenadine ties. Thanks for this informative article on the tie Matt!

  5. Exquisite ties. The Italians do seem to have a lock on producing the various weaves that go into these fine ties. Good export income for them, I guess. Also a fine choice for a man who habitually wears solid ties, for the sake of not standing out or having a signature which could compromise his mission.


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