Green Uniform on the Other Side of a Reversible Jacket in Octopussy


In the beginning of Octopussy, Bond turns inside-out his brown tweed jacket to reveal an olive green cotton drill army uniform underneath, and he sticks on a moustache to masquerade as Colonel Luis Toro. The coat is no longer a three-button sports coat with a cutaway front but a four-button coat with a closed front and a shirt collar and shirt cuffs. There are four patch pockets with button-down flaps; the top two pockets have box pleats and the bottom two have bellows. Shoulder straps hold rank stars, a belt tightens the waist and the back has a single vent. The buttons are black horn.

Bond’s belted, flat-front uniform trousers with plain bottoms match the suit. His beige shirt made by Frank Foster mirrors the jacket with shoulder straps and box-pleated patch pockets with angled bottom corners and button-down flaps. The collar is a moderate spread and the cuffs have a single button. The shirt has no placket, and the buttons are brown. Bond ties the black repp tie in a four-in-hand knot. On his head Bond wears a stiff olive cap with a gold laurel decoration across the peak, and on his feet he wears dark brown boots with zip sides.

The Frank Foster shirt was auctioned at Prop Store on 16 October 2014 for £1,100.



  1. Agreed, David. And while it is outside the scope of this blog, my wife would love a post on Barbara Bach’s evening dress from The Spy Who Loved Me.

  2. Funnily enough, Christian, my wife also liked the dress Barbara Bach wore in TSWLM ( Whereas I was more taken with the lady wearing it!).

    Fair enough, women’s clothing from the Bond movies is not Matt’s declared remit. Perhaps a trawl through the ex-lots of auction houses Christies etc, in case it came up for sale in the past, might bear fruit? Just an idea.

  3. I’m assuming the uniform was bought and altered with the tweed jacket, as personally having to make dreary military wear – something most costume designers do avoid, for good reason – sounds so deathly boring an assignment!


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