Golf with Goldfinger: A Polo and Slazenger Jumper


One of the most famous scenes in the James Bond series is the golf match in Goldfinger. The wine-coloured V-neck jumper is the main piece here, with its gold Slazenger panther logo on the chest. The jumper has a full fit, since people generally wore their knits looser in the 1960s than they do now. Connery wears the heavy-ribbed cuffs turned back. The heavy-ribbed hem sits over the top of the trouser pockets. Underneath the jumper Bond wears a light grey polo shirt, probably with short sleeves. Bond’s black wool flannel trousers have frogmouth pockets, narrow straight legs and a plain hem.

Bond has a red and white glove for his left hand, and when he isn’t golfing he sticks it in his left pocket. The shoes are brown kiltie Norwegian derbies with metal cleats on the sole.

Bond’s hat is a grey straw trilby with a narrow brim, C-crown and front pinch. The large hat ribbon is black with 2 bands of white and red stripes.


  1. great close-up of his shoes i've only seen them that well in promotional shots.

    I added the links to your posts inside my blog so you can get some credit and web-traffic onto your site from mine. i'm enjoying the blog daily and am always refreshing to see what you've discussed, thanks.


  2. Matt,
    Just a note to say how much I appreciate your true expertise, attention to detail, and the way you provide not only explanations but examples–so very helpful to idiots like me!
    I am just a ranch hand who works with horses for a living, so my clothes are pretty plain (and usually pretty dirty!), but I have long admired the well-turned out look of 007–without being silly enough to try to copy it!–and I am truly thankful to have it all explained in such detail by a man of your extensive knowledge and careful eye.
    Best of luck to you, Matt.

    • Ha ha ! Nope…most of the brands that are still there today and considered luxury brands have been created some decades ago…just some examples :

      _the origins of German fashion house BOSS Hugo Boss : since the 1920s (though the current logo was only launched in the early 1980s)
      _French brand Lacoste (that was mostly specialized in tennis and golf) : since 1927 (and the crocodile logo was already there…)
      _French brand Façonnable : since 1950…and it already had a logo
      _Polo Ralph Lauren : since 1967…and the polo player logo already existed

      …So : no; as you put ot so well, logos on polos and sweaters are not so recent

  3. The light gray polo shirt that bond wears under the Slazenger jumper is long-sleeved. You can see the end of the sleeves when Bond is in the pro-shop at the golf course, and then again right after he steps outside the shop.

  4. Probably is long sleeved, even though Connery has worn short sleeve polo’s under jumpers. It would make sense as it looks like a mild day on the links. I myself wear short sleeve polo’s under jumpers, with fine merino wool or cashmere it works very well. Especially on unpredictable days.


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