From Tailors with Love: Sophie Harley and the Algerian Love Knot


This week on From Tailors with Love Pete speaks with jewellery designer Sophie Harley, the creator of the Algerian Love Knot as seen in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. You can see photos of it at Human Research.

You can book an appointment with Sophie at her website.

I talk about the younger generation and their relationship with Bond and menswear, while Pete talks about going to Millbrook where they filmed the car crash from Casino Royale.

In the news I discuss the new blue Tom Ford suit seen on Daniel Craig during filming of Bond 25 around Hammersmith, and we take a quick look at the Formula 1 Red Bull jump suits.

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  1. The feeling of driving the same roads as Bond is indeed fun! A few years ago I visited a marble mine in Tuscany (which itself felt like a villain’s lair) and the road going down the mountain was the same one that was used for parts of the Quantum Of Solace opening car chase. Heady stuff.


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