From Tailors with Love: Orlebar Brown Special


We’re not finished hearing about Orlebar Brown yet. This is one of the biggest things to ever happen with James Bond clothing, and there has not been branded 007 clothing like this since 1960s Bondmania. On this podcast I talk about the event that David Zaritsky of The Bond Experience arranged for an exclusive group to visit Orlebar Brown at the launch of their 007 Collection. Peter Brooker of Human Research and I go over the shirts and more from the collection. I describe my experiences with the collection in person while Pete offers his unique insights about what each pieces means about the people who wear them.

You can watch us talk about this collection on video below. Sadly we don’t get to see much of Pete in this video, as he wanted us to look at his Nail Island painting instead.

You can purchase the collection through Orlebar Brown. Read more about the collection at last week’s article.

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  1. I buy bespoke suits and even I had sticker price shock. Surprisingly, many items are already out of stock so I guess a substantial number of other people did not. I wonder how the toweling polo feels.

    • I hope I’m not being impolite by asking, but where do you get your bespoke suits? How does the price compare to high-end ready-to-wear brands like Brioni and Tom Ford?

      • In some areas Brioni and Tom Ford off-the-rack can be more expensive than bespoke, and that is certainly true for dress shirts. I would consider Charvet and T&A at the pinnacle of shirtmaking and even their bespoke shirts don’t cost as much as a TF off the rack shirt.

      • Sorry for not seeing this until now. I bought mine from a tailor in Naples I found through the Styleforum website. A single suit set me back around $1600. I am not familiar with Brioni prices so I checked — one runs around $4000-6000, but I saw one with awful color on sale for around the same price as my suit.

  2. I loved the podcast! Just as Matt says, not everyone intends to wear it when they buy it, like the onesie, they just want the childhood memory piece in their wardrobe and hang to stare at it.
    Ironic how the DAF terry shirt, the bashed one, is one of the only waitlist products now along with the onesie! Glad I got hold of it.


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