From Tailors with Love: McQueen v Craig, with Iconic Alternatives


On From Tailors with Love this week, Peter Brooker and I talk with John of Iconic Alternatives, an incredible website that finds affordable alternatives for James Bond styles from the various films. We discuss Steve McQueen’s iconic style and how both he and the clothes were special, and we talk about how it compares to Daniel Craig’s style.

The podcast starts with an excerpt from an interview Pete did a few years ago with Chad McQueen, Steve’s son, on his father’s style.

Before we get into Steve McQueen talk, we ask John how he started Iconic Alternatives and his process for finding clothes that resemble what James Bond and other popular characters wear.

You can download the podcast from iTunes or Stitcher, or you can listen at the top of the page. And while you’re at it, please leave us a review on iTunes!


  1. On my Instagram blog @iconicfilmstyle I have featured McQueen’s style often. In fact he is really one of the reasons I started the film style blog. I don’t always get it right, but I try to focus on the true icons and style that interests me. Hopefully it interests other people as well.


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