From Tailors with Love: Jonathan Sothcott on Doug Hayward


Prolific British film producer Jonathan Sothcott joins me and Pete Brooker on one of the most exciting episodes of From Tailors with Love to tell us stories of tailor Douglas Hayward, who tailored him, Roger Moore in his 1980s James Bond films and countless other celebrities. We hear inside stories about Hayward and his shop on Mount Street.

Mr Sothcott also talks about the shirtmaker he shares with James Bond, Frank Foster, and other clothiers he uses. And he tells stories about some of the celebrities he knows and has known, including the legendary Christopher Lee.

You can find more in depth show notes on the new From Tailors with Love website.

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  1. Such a wonderful podcast, could have listened to Jonathan for hours. Having been brought into the fold by Doug Hayward and having known Sir Roger Moore and Christopher Lee is amazing, Jonathan knows and appreciates how lucky he is to have had these experiences and to have had clothes tailored by a master like Hayward. As he said can you find a finer shirt in the world better then a Frank Foster shirt!

  2. Mr Sothcott has got to be the most entertaining guest you’ve had. Was Jackie Stewart the celebrity Frank Foster told to lose weight?

  3. My Frank Foster, Jonathan Sothcott story (must be five years ago):

    As an actor – obviously crap and very poor – I had a strange one off gig in Charing Cross, London. Hours before the event, informed all crew that I’d be taking a short stroll to ease the stress.

    Upon approaching Pall Mall, I remembered the name Frank Foster was somewhere on my phone. Had previously tried to find the place but failed. This time it took a mere 15 mins, and I found myself in a dimly lit basement, talking to the man himself. Heard all about his boxing days as a young man, and some of his rather dodgy gangster customers. Bloody nice bloke who seemed to very much like me too.

    Bear in mind that I’d just dropped in to ask about prices etc. After two hours… yes, two hours of chatting, he knew everything about me. Next thing he was scribbling down the contact details for Jonathan Sothcott, insisting that I contact him. Never did. But… to cap it all… as I was leaving he pulled out two shirts made for a customer who’d died before collecting. Then asked me to pick one as a free gift. I went with a superb thick yellow, tab-cuffed number. Turns out Frank had such a good eye, the shirts fitted me perfectly.

    Then the panic: I found myself so engrossed in the whole Foster experience, that I returned to Charing Cross much later than expected. Production people flapping and worrying, asking where the hell I’d been. Think I mumbled a few words about having lost my way, as I carefully slid my Frank Foster shirt into a bag.

  4. “Heard all about his boxing days as a young man,”

    -That’s interesting – your story very much resembles my first (and only) encouter with him. However he told me that he used to be a weightlifter, not a boxer.

    Probably he was both… ;-)

  5. Definitely said boxer. I remembered telling him that his manner was so gentle, I found it hard to believe he’d box. He just smiled.

    Also, while I was there, two young ladies came in – something to do with film/theatre costume – and they must have spent over an hour picking through all the fabric. Needed no assistance, and Frank simply gave them free reign. I got the impression that he was more interested in people than shirts. I know this sounds a bit corny, what with hardly knowing him, but I have thought of that meeting a few times since, so he must have left an impression on me (nothing to do with the freebie). Really was a likable man.

    When I asked him about Roger Moore, he said, “Lovely man…” Don’t want to go off subject here, but I’ve never heard a bad word said about Mr Moore. Everyone seemed to like the man. Now that is something to be envious of. When asked the same question of Connery – didn’t know he also made his shirts – his reaction was not quite the same ;-)

    Lastly, at the time I’d put on a few pounds. Nothing noticeable, and I jokingly suggested that if I lost a few I’d look better in his shirt. Just as with Jackie Stewart, he said ‘yes’, when I was expecting a, “Oh no, you look fine” :-) That’s honesty for you :-)

    • Connery… well… there’s the fact that he struck his wife, defended striking women in GQ in 1966, then doubled down further in an interview with Barbara Walters in 1987. Not a great look when your most iconic character also slapped around and raped women! There are also various stories of him not being a very nice person otherwise.

      • But perhaps that’s the reason why his performance as Bond is outstanding – he is very much like the character! ;-)

  6. Great interview… I hope he comments here on the blog (if he doesn’t already).

    He dropped a few not so subtle hints he was displeased with the direction of the Craig movies… would’ve liked to hear him go off for 10-15 mins on that!


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