From Tailors with Love: Inside Frank Foster and Bond in Matera


Last week when I was in London, I took Pete with me to visit my shirtmaker Frank Foster. Frank Foster is best known to Bond fans as Roger Moore’s shirtmaker, but they were also shirtmakers to the entire Bond series and made shirts for Sean Connery, George Lazenby and countless actors featured throughout the series. In this episode of From Tailors with Love we discuss the experience of visiting the shop and the warm hospitality that Mary (Frank’s widow and shirtmaker) and Sam (Frank’s daughter) showed us.

Pete and I trying on a Frank Foster safari shirt-jacket in Roger Moore’s size. It was too big for either one of us.

They recently found pieces they cut for Roger Moore’s safari shirt-jacket from Octopussy that weren’t completed. They had made a few examples for the film but they had an extra. For our visit, Mary completed the safari shirt jacket so we could see it in all its glory and try it on. Contrary to the description of the safari suit at the upcoming Profiles in History auction, the safari suit is made from worsted wool and not linen. A tremendous thank you to Mary and Sam for all you’ve done for us and for the Bond films.

Pete was especially interested in a fabric that Frank Foster recently uncovered: an entire roll of cloth that matches that of Roger Moore’s shirt from the Live and Let Die crocodile and boat chase scenes.

The fancy jacquard shirting from Live and Let Die pictured left at Frank Foster’s shop and right on Roger Moore.

I recorded this podcast on location in Notting Hill, in front of James Bond’s flat on Stanley Crescent.

James Bond’s home in Notting Hill from Spectre

Also on this episode, Pete talks with Bobby Morelli of Matched Perfectly about the corduroy suit from Massimo Alba with Albert Thurston braces and the linen suit from Brunello Cucinelli that Daniel Craig wore in Matera, Italy for No Time to Die.

Daniel Craig was spotted wearing Albert Thurston braces with his corduroy suit from Massimo Alba in filming for No Time to Die.

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