From Tailors with Love: Getting Married in Bond Style


In this From Tailors with Love episode I tell Pete all about my wedding attire. I recently got married, and since the wedding took place in the evening we had a black tie dress code. I discuss my two different dinner jackets for the wedding, both from Mason & Sons. The first was a bespoke Anthony Sinclair midnight blue dinner suit, and the second was an special order ivory dinner jacket. Listen to find out more. There will be more in-depth articles about both my dinner jackets and the rest of my wedding attire.

My Anthony Sinclair midnight blue dinner suit by Mason & Sons at my wedding. Photo thanks to Kirk Clarke.
My Mason & Sons ivory dinner jacket with my wife at my wedding. Photo thanks to Kirk Clarke.

You can watch me talking about my wedding attire with more photos on YouTube:

We also talk about Prince Charles’ visit to the Bond 25 set and the outfit that Daniel Craig wears, plus the book Bond’s love of cold showers.

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      • Ugh. This is a territory I’m familiar with. They obviously think they are makng a classic look more modern. in fact, it’s just a dog’s dinner like many “modern looks”.

  1. Thanks Matt and again – congratulations!

    From what I can gather both DJs look really fine – the ivory one very Connery-inspired. I am looking forward to the breakdown in seperate articles.

    May I ask why you have chosen peaked lapels for the midnight blue one? With a shawl collar it would have been the perfect Dr No reverence! Perhaps a missed opportunity (?) ;-)

    All the best,

    • Thank you! I wanted peaked lapels on the dinner suit because I think they look better on me. My old dinner suit is a shawl collar and I don’t entirely care for how it looks with my head.

  2. Dear Matt! Congratulations! Best wishes to you and your wife! Thank you for all the amazing content you’ve been sharing with us all these years!

  3. Congratulations on the wedding.

    What’s your view on clip-on black bow tie versus the real thing you have to know how to tie?
    I must confess that the few times I’ve worn black tie, I went with the clip-on. In fact I don’t know anyone who can actually tie a proper bow tie knot.

    Again, congratulations.

    • Thank you! Most clip-on bow ties do not look good because they look very stiff. There are some high-end clip-on bow ties that look fantastic. When I last visited the Tom Ford shop in New York, they told me that all of their bow ties are clip-on, yet they look very natural. Clip-on bow ties do not work with a wing collar (if one so chooses to wear a wing collar) because the clip shows. There is no reason to wear a clip-on bow tie because there are countless tutorials online in all forms that can teach one how to tie a bow tie. It’s not particularly difficult to do. I too know very few people who can tie a bow tie, and for my wedding I had to tie the bow ties for my brother, my father and my father in law!

  4. Is the bespoke suit worth every dollar? My best friend and I usually discuss about Bondian non negotiables and we both agree that the Dr.No dinner suit should be bespoke.

    • A good bespoke suit such as my dinner suit can’t compare to anything else (though if a Tom Ford suit fits you well it comes very close). A good made-to-measure suit can be very good, but it can’t do what bespoke can.

  5. Very good Matt, brings back memories of my own wedding and my custom shawl collar dinner suit I wore four years ago. My suit was untraditional in the fact it was a light navy colour with a black shawl collar. If I did it over again I would wear a midnight blue dinner suit, probably with a Shawl collar still, though I would probably consider peaked lapels as well. I was happy with the quality of my dinner suit though, made by a tailor in Melbourne, Australia.

  6. Congratulations again Matt and Janna. It’s great to have 2 outfits from your wedding day which aren’t going to only get one outing which always seems a waste of time. I can see that, as usual, a great deal of thought went in to the outfits and so this was money well spent. It’s such a special day that you both will remember forever.

  7. Why did you decide against a ventless jacket? That would have been the classic option, or did you choose the vented version for “dual use” reasons (I mean the white one)?

    • I went with double vents for both the midnight blue dinner suit and the ivory jacket because double vents have been a classic option as far as English style is concerned for over 50 years. My previous dinner jackets have all been ventless, and I find that the style is less comfortable and does not drape as well.

      • “…and does not drape as well.”

        That depends on how the jacket is cut. But with off-the-peg DJs, that could be a problem, yes.

        But “dual use” for the white one isn’t really an option, is it? Would make me think of Temime’s statement (“dinner jacket worn with jeans”).

      • First, “a shawl collar it would have been the perfect Dr No reverence! Perhaps a missed opportunity (?)” and then “Why did you decide against a ventless jacket? That would have been the classic option”. Overbearing. What happened to a person exercising personal preference? I’m making a huge leap here perhaps but I’m guessing that Matt chose the vent and lapels styles he did because that was his personal preference. End of.

      • “I’m guessing that Matt chose the vent and lapels styles he did because that was his personal preference”
        -That is something I would never have guessed – thank you very much for pointing out.

        -A slight overreaction by your side, I would say. Perhaps I may draw your attention to the fact that this blog deals with Bond’s suits (and clothing style in general), and therefore I don’t see why I should not have asked those questions.
        And as to the “missed opportunity”: I was saying that tongue-in-cheek, which you might have noticed had you read my statement carefully.

        “Da pacem Domine” – !

      • “My previous dinner jackets have all been ventless, and I find that the style is less comfortable and does not drape as well.” I find that to be the case myself, plus the back tends to wrinkle more when sitting. My only dinner jacket has no vent, but I plan to change both those things eventually.

    • “overbearing” is, if anything, an understatement. I would NEVER pick or imply errors in another man’s choice of apparel for his wedding day (particularity someone with the sartorial nous as Matt has). Why? Simply because it would be considered, impolite.

      How a man chooses to dress is personal and subjective and a great many styles I see on other people I might find personally undesirable. However, a gentleman should always show discretion and respect.

      • “I would NEVER pick or imply errors in another man’s choice of apparel”

        -I am sorry but it is quite obvious that you fail to understand: Asking Matt why he preferred peaked lapels over a shawl collar is not picking or implying errors. I simply asked for the reasons of his choice because I knew that the dinner jacket he used to wear had a shawl collar. A peaked lapel on a DJ is not inferior to a shawl collar (of course not).
        And then Matt has announced to write separate articles on both of his dinner jackets – would he do so if he were not open for discussion? My questions were by no means impolite – I refuse to tolerate such kind of assumption.

        “However, a gentleman should always show discretion and respect.”

        -A true gentleman would never state that he considers himself being one. And by no means would he presume to lecture others and act up as a kind of arbiter because, and this is also an understatement, that would not be in the very best of taste.

  8. Congratulations to both of you! As you know, I’m getting married soon too. I have to admit to a lot of confusion as to what to wear, although I can’t do bespoke. Any recommendations as to where to look for decent options in the NYC metro area? I’m loath to buy online without feeling the fabric etc. Other than that, I am open to all ideas from full-on Prince Charles-style morning suit to unconventional, but elegant suit designs.

    • Congratulations to you as well! Paul Stuart is one of my favourite shops in New York, and they have both classic and unusual suits. You could also get a Special Order suit from Mason & Sons like my ivory dinner jacket.

      • Paul Stuart – that’s a great idea. I haven’t been there in decades. Thank you!

      • May I ask what you changed with the special order ivory dinner jacket relative to the ready to wear one available on their website? I ask because I remember you mentioning changing button stance on a previous suit. Thanks!

  9. Congratulations again Matt. Your dinner suit and ivory dinner jacket were and are immaculate. You can’t go past Mason & Sons.

  10. So now that you were the prototype of that tailorin style will you be adopting it everytime you get a bespoke garment? I can definitely see the connery in it. Although it looks great I can’t see it working for me because I like more of a siholuette with my garments.

  11. Mr.Spaiser,
    What type of shoulder padding did you ask for with the midnight dinner suit? Did you know what direction to go in or did Mr.Mason pretty much know what to do?

    • I didn’t ask for anything regarding the cut. The shoulders have very minimal wadding and are very thin. I knew what I wanted, but Mr Mason told me what the cut was going to be and it was the same as what I wanted. There’s more coming about this dinner suit tomorrow and next week, so stay tuned!

  12. P.s.
    I managed to acquire a third hand bespoke holland and sherry dinner suit. However the jacket comes with a center vent.

    1. What exactly is a center vent dinner suit used for?
    2. Should my tailor close it?

    • A single vent is sportier than double vents. The dinner jackets in the last two Bond films have single vents, but I find the style to be inappropriate. So I would recommend closing the vent.

  13. Hi Matt,
    Congratulations to you and Janna both! I saw the pictures in instagram. The outfits look great.
    I’ve been following your blog for a few years now, although I haven’t been posting in a while. And it’s nice to see you going from discussing these articles of clothing to actually getting some made in that style (trousers, shirts and now dinner jackets).
    Keep up the good work!


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