From Tailors with Love: Episode 9 — Dunhill vs Paul Smith, and more!


On the 9th episode of From Tailors with Love, Peter Brooker and I talk about my new hacking jacket from Mason & Sons and Pete’s trip to the sniper location and Ferris wheel in Vienna from The Living Daylights. We also talk about the new evening shirts from Turnbull & Asser and new scents from Tom Ford, plus Pete gives me an off-topic lesson about UK’s snooker celebrities.

We also discuss who we might like to dress James Bond next in case Tom Ford doesn’t return. Pete wants Paul Smith and I want Dunhill. You can vote for your choice at the Menswear Style Twitter and share your thoughts below on this page.

Finally, we start tackling Connery’s first suits from From Russia with Love: the stalking dinner suit and the navy suit from the office.

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  1. I worked at Dunhill a bit a few years ago. Definitely suited for the next Bond. Cloths are amazing and cut are both timeless and understated with just a bit of British style but not too flamboyant as TF is.
    Ties are amazing too, I remember I bought two of them for after leaving from my internship. The silk quality is similar to Drake’s.

  2. If Tom Ford doesn’t return I also think Dunhill would be a good choice, but I’d also include Richard James in the discussion, I think they’d be great for Bond.

  3. Personally , l would love to see Mason and Sons make Wardrobe for the next Bond Film. They really understand the character and what he is about. The ideal James Bond wardrobe ( to me , at least ) should be well tailored and high quality , but not so expensive that it would be difficult to replace if damaged ( which , in Bond’s line of work happens a lot ). Bonds clothes should also be something that will look no more outdated in 2018 , as as it would if it we’re made in 2008. Clothing which is not too fashion forward , bit not too outdated either. Classic , timeless , minimalist .
    Anthony Sinclair covers that really well.
    I would also take inspiration from the novels and have him wear a Dark Blue Tropical suit , and for the first time , on film , have him wear a Dog Tooth Tweed suit in the country ( like in the novels ). I would also have him wear Braces with the three piece suits.

  4. Paul Smith? Yikes! In my opinion, that’s not the character at all.

    Yes, Smith was trained on the row, but by now, in my opinion, Paul Smith (much like Tom Ford, to be fair) is an overpriced fashion brand. His style is not subtle and not particularly exclusive.

    Would Bond go to Paul Smith, for something so mainstream? I’m not sold. One man’s opinion of course.

    Dunhill is more of a fit, though again they are a bit ‘fashiony’ as well. Their suits are very nice and they are similar to Brioni in their exclusivity, but I just can’t see Bond choosing to buy suits from a fashion house.

  5. I think Dunhill would be a great choice as well. But to be honest if Tom Ford can make their cut of the O’Connor suit or the suits in Quantum of Solace, it would be a marked improvement over the suits in the last two films. I think Timothy Everest would be great as well. Look at Mallory and Napoleon Solo in Man From Uncle.

  6. I cannot find the T&A ruffle shirts anywhere on their site except for the in their Off The Cuff influencer page:

    Was it a one-and-done/limited edition or am I looking in the wrong place?

    As for Paul Smith vs. Dunhill, Smith has been one of my favorite designers and brands for almost 30 years. But for Bond himself, no way. Far too whimsical and completely against his Universal Exports cover of well-dressed, but mostly traditional, businessman that blends in. I wouldn’t mind seeing Bond team up with another agent who has a more dandified cover, perhaps a new younger version of Sir Godfrey Tibbet, wearing Paul Smith however.

    Although Dunhill beats Smith head-to-head in this particular case, I never would have considered it before. It’s a little too much of a Duty Free Shop idea of a sophisticated British suit to me. But now that I think about it, with some customization, both in their own line and by the costume designer, I think it could work. After all, I thought both Brioni and Tom Ford were bad ideas when they were first announced and now I think they did a great job.


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