From Tailors with Love: Episode 6 – Interview with Elliot Mason


In the latest episode of From Tailors with Love, Peter Brooker of Human Research and I talk about Sean Connery’s Crab Key clothes in Dr. No. We also discuss how Brioni dressed the statue of David in a Bondian dinner suit and the Bond wardrobe items for sale in an upcoming auction at Prop Store on 20 September. Pete also learns some interesting stories and the latest trends in bespoke from Elliot Mason of Mason & Sons, who operates the James Bond-related Anthony Sinclair brand. You can download the podcast from iTunes or listen below:


  1. hi Matt,
    Perhaps if you haven’t discussed it already, I’d love to hear yours and Peter’s thoughts on dressing in a Bond inspired way in an increasingly casual world. In the world of work fewer and fewer places have a shirt and tie dress code, usually only banks or insurance firms and it made news recently when Goldman Sachs downgraded its dress code.
    While we can still look to the likes of Sunspel, Orlebar Brown even Mason & Sons for great casual wear but it’s less easy to wear a Turnbull and Asser shirt and tie and a well made suit – which one may have saved up for and really enjoy – without looking out of place.
    Perhaps you’ve just got to own your own style and do it anyway?!
    I’d love to hear your ideas on that.
    Keep up the great work


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