From Tailors with Love: Episode 4 – Interview with Adam Brown and More


In the fourth episode of From Tailors with Love, Peter Brooker of Human Research interviews Adam Brown of Orlebar Brown, who not only made Daniel Craig’s swim trunks for Skyfall but has now developed a line of swim trunks that use art from iconic James Bond posters. Pete and I also talk about my black tie adventures, Pete’s visit to a Notting Hill Bond location, John Broughton’s Bond-inspired clothing project Bespoke JB, and a mention of this blog in the Smersh podcast. You can download the podcast from iTunes or listen below:


  1. Thanks guys, honored to have been mentioned.

    To Matt’s comments on matching shirt and pocket square, I understand his point about feeling like someone else telling you how to dress. When I saw SKYFALL and saw this matching short and square, I never had seen this done before. I’ve seen the horrid matching tie and square on people, but never this combination. As many people don’t wear this where I’m at and in fact, you really can’t easily find a matching shirt and square combination commercially, it stands out as a style differentiator for me.

    • You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any sets of matching shirts and pocket squares. I don’t believe Tom Ford sells them, and it was something custom-made for Daniel Craig for Skyfall and Spectre. If people want it, you’re the man to do it!

      • I’ve done several custom pocket squares…in the 90s and early 2000s I would try to exactly match my tie and pocket square. This necessitated me buying two ties…one as a “sacrificial” piece that use it’s material to create a perfectly matching pocket square. Now I most often prefer to match my shirt to the pocket square and I do the same thing…I buy two identical dress shirts and use one to create the exact matching pocket square. My tailors charge me $10 to create the pocket square with stitched borders using a matching thread.

        It might seem ridiculous, but I’ve never been one for anything other than an exact match for a pocket square. It would probably be quite insane to cut up a Tom Ford or Turnbull & Asser dress shirt for such a purpose, but I suppose it’s not out of the question for a man of considerable means!


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