From Tailors with Love: Episode 22 — The James Bond Wedding Look


This week Pete and I discuss the best James Bond look for a wedding, as well as the different trends in wedding attire over time and the horrors that plague both American and British wedding attire.

In anything Bondian Pete talks about his open letter to Bond film producer Michael G. Wilson and I talk about the exciting Orlebar Brown event in New York that revealed the daring and diverse new 007 collection. It’s a collection that is sure to please Bond clothing fans of all sorts and one of the most exciting Bond clothing collections ever released.

We also discuss the newly updated Spectre Solden jacket from Royale Filmwear and the latest news from Savile Row.

Stan sent us some listener mail. He asked, “What would be your pick if you could only have ten suits inspired by James Bond, and what colour and or material would they be? Unfortunately we had to cut down our answers to one suit each. If you have a question you’d like answered on the podcast, send us your questions through our listener mail form.

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  1. Great detailed points about dinner suits and morning suits, Matt. It seems that no one in the US understands the proper wearing of these, especially a dinner suit. Lazenby’s wedding suit is great. I believe it was also called a strolling suit. I think this is a great choice if the wedding is before 6:00 but the festivities continue into the evening.

  2. Lazenby’s suit looks fine to me from waist/hip up shots, but I think it looks a little odd and drab with the trousers seeming to match the waistcoat.

    A problem I’ve noticed with morning suits is that they’re ‘body coats’ and supposed to be close fitting and thus best looking on the young or athletic figure. But here’s the twist. They’re often bought for young sons with room to grow into, because they’re not cheap for an item of clothing that’s not going to be worn often. But can however, be relied upon not to go out of fashion. Too loose to look good for their sister’s wedding, and then too fat to look good in it for their daughter’s.

    • I would pay a LOT of money for a book “Suits of James Bond” compilation (with some light revisions and incorporating any new information learned/discussed in comments).


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