From Tailors with Love: Episode 20 — Rules for James Bond Influencers


Because I was held prisoner (the flu captured me), Pete had to do a From Tailors with Love podcast entirely without me. Pete talks with Nik Speller, head of campaigns for the marketing agency Influencer. They talk about social media influencers, the rules that apply to them around the world (mainly as they are presented by the Advertising Standards Authority in England and Wales) and how this relates to James Bond brands. Though it’s not the typical From Tailors with Love podcast, it’s a fascinating topic that applies to Bond bloggers such as myself.

You can download the podcast from iTunes or Stitcher, or you can listen at the top of the page. I recommend you check out the in-depth notes on this podcast at Human Research.


  1. Without blowing your horn, is it safe to say you set the standard in the world of bonds dress?
    any website you could recommend on how to get the 007 haircut?

    • I would say that this site along with Bond Lifestyle are the best resources for Bond clothing.

      The Bond Experience has a few videos about getting a Daniel Craig haircut at his barber. If you want a Moore or Brosnan haircut, you’re going to need a very good hairstylist.


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