From Tailors with Love: Episode 2 – Dr. No, Part 1


The second episode of From Tailors with Love is here, and Peter and I are talking about Dr. No and the latest Bond-related release from Orlebar Brown. You can download it from iTunes or listen below:



  1. Some interesting points in this. I certainly agree the Connery suits are very classic and changing them too much for the sake of updating risks missing the point.

  2. I wonder how much of the change in suits towards more anorexic cuts is a true reflection of changing tastes though. It could be that, as fewer people nowadays wear them as often, the sorts of people remaining tend to have tastes for the more extreme waist suppression, short jacket lengths, tight chests, and so forth while men with (for example) more muscled builds are especially uncomfortable with this look. Maybe as the fashion goes back the other way more people will be wearing them again. I note that in the recent mission impossible film there were a lot of agents and heavies wearing suits and all were very well dressed.


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