From Tailors with Love: Casino Royale at Secret Cinema and Bond Brands


Pete went to see Casino Royale at Secret Cinema in London and interviewed the creative producers Kevin and Tom, with some help from Managing Editor of James Bond Canada Murray Gillespie. He shares a few pointers for how to have a good time, but he’s not allowed to give much away. There are still tickets available!

Pete also discusses his day with David Zaritsky of The Bond Experience and Ajay Chowdhury, author of Some Kind of Hero, and their visits to Floris, Lock & Co., N.Peal, Orlebar Brown, Sophie Harley, Sunspel, Turnbull & Asser. Pete will be featuring these more in the coming weeks on Human Research. You can watch Pete open some of his gifts from these brands on YouTube:

I talk about my cat Cosette (part of the package deal with my wife), who resembles Stacey Sutton’s cat Pussy from A View to a Kill. You can read more about Stacey’s cat at Cinema Cats. Check out Cosette on YouTube below:

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  1. With James Cook as the new manager of the Jermyn St branch, glad to see he was able to indulge everyone’s wish to have their photo created in the ‘Connery corner’. He’s not as big a Bond fan as most of us here, but I heard he had a cameo in DAD.

    I’d be curious to see a photo of the spot where Craig was measured for his shirts in Bury St.


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