Foreman of Signals wears a cardigan



The Foreman of Signals in Dr. No, played by John Hatton, has proven to be a more memorable dresser for other people than he has been for me. After I posted about the new Q’s cardigan, comparisons started to be drawn to this uncredited character who also wears a cardigan and tie. He wears a very basic charcoal cardigan with five buttons and ribbed cuffs, turned back. Under the cardigan he wears a white shirt with brown pencil stripes. The shirt’s wide spread collar with edge stitching provides enough room for the windsor-knotted, solid red-brown tie. He wears charcoal trousers with a light brown belt.


In comparison to the new Q, the Foreman of Signals is dressed much less colourfully. His outfit’s only colour is the dull red-brown tie, whilst Q’s outfit has brown, red and blue. Q’s cardigan follows the current trend for a closer fit, but that also makes him look younger. The Foreman and Q both wear the same half-frame style glasses, though Q’s are black and the Foreman’s are brown.



  1. Well, this fellow is certainly wearing a similar outfit, but what I don’t understand is why people didn’t compare the new Q’s outfit to the first real Q’s one, worn by Major Boothroyd in Dr No. After all he is wearing a cardigan too, with his brown suit, in golden tones, but fortunately the similarities end here.

    IMHO the only memorable thing of this character is his haircut…

  2. A typically badly dressed Englishman. But that is why they are loved the world over. We bloggers all probably have a fair share of vanity when we dress – we must admit it. But this man has none and I admire that too.

  3. Matt,

    Thanks for the post. I guess the glasses and cardigan are what reminded me of young Q. Somehow, I did find him memorable. I thought he looked pretty cool with the haircut and glasses while doing something not very glamorous.

  4. No style champ, our Foreman. His Teddy-boy hairstyle suggests that there is gang activity in his past. Perhaps this is what he is trying to disguise with the homely cardigan and specs. Major Boothroyd’s cardigan looks more like the beige wool vest Bond wears under a suit in GOLDFINGER.

  5. There is a gentleman towards the beginning of Dr. No, which I just watched last night, whom I’ve always assumed was supposed to be Bill Tanner, but nobody ever says so. He is the one sent to collect James Bond at the casino, and his only lines are “I’m looking for Mr. James Bond,” “just give him my card.”
    Anyway, he’s such a small, ancillary character, like the Foreman of Signals, but I’ve always admired his sense of dress. From what little we see of him he’s a classically-dressed Englishman much like Captain Nash.


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