A Fancy Navy Single-Breasted Overcoat in Die Another Day


With his navy birdseye suit in Die Another Day, Pierce Brosnan wears his second overcoat in the film. It is a navy full-length, single-breasted, button-three coat from Brioni. It has a navy velvet collar, slanted flap pockets with a ticket pocket and four-button cuffs. Based on the British styles that the coat has, it most likely would follow that the coat has a fly front, but it is difficult to tell for certain because the scene is so dark. Though we don’t see it from the back is most likely has a deep single vent. A navy overcoat may be the most versatile coat in a man’s wardrobe, and it looks great day or night. Bond has worn many navy overcoats throughout the series, starting with George Lazenby’s double-breasted three-quarter coat.

This is only the second time Bond wears a scarf in the series, the first being Bond’s masquerade as Sir Hilary Bray in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Here it’s in a unique colour fade, which is grey in the middle fading to orange at the ends. He wears it draped around the neck.


  1. Again, very nice. Brosnan wore an overcoat well, perhaps better than the other actors. And as typical Brosnan, looks very expensive. But top marks.

    • I agree with you Christian.

      I’d also note that Brosnan’s wardrobe, despite being too expensive, fit the tone of his films. This beautiful overcoat is definitely too much for a government employee in a real scenario.

    • Well Christian, unless you saw DAD a few days ago of course, I hardly see how one can say that his overcoat looks expensive, since we don’t get a clear look of it in these pictures. It just looks like a full length navy coat to me.
      That said, I am with you about him often looking the most expensively dressed man in the room. But I don’t really mind, since he was the best dressed man in the room too. I especially remenber Alec Trevelyan’s black outfit in the train in Goldeneye that looked terrible…

  2. Apparently, Brosnan had some trouble with his tie dimple in this scene…
    Can we conclude that he wore only Chesterfield overcoats, both single and double-breasted, during his tenure as Bond, Matt ? Or is this coat a Crombie coat and not a Chesterfield, since it has no fly front ?

      • Well, the dimple is quite allright in this article, but it’s not the same dimple when he takes off his coat (see Matt’s article about the charcoal serge suit)…

    • Indeed they are very padded. Padded overcoat shoulders on top of a padded suit jacket.

      Crombie coats are three-quarter length. Brosnan never wears chesterfield coats, but most of his coats don’t fit any specific style.

    • It’s a nondescript grey cashmere scarf. There’s unfortunately no way to find out who made it 18 years later. The good news is that you can find scarves identical to this.


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