Dressing in Layers in a Turtleneck and More in Die Another Day


Bond dresses in layers for the cold weather of Iceland when exploring Gustav Graves’ lair in Die Another Day. He starts out with a black, hip-length, zip front parka with epaulettes. He then removes it to reveal a black neoprene diving jacket that he wears underneath, and he puts on a pair of black gloves for diving.


When Bond is out of the water and inside, the gloves and neoprene jacket come off. Underneath he is wearing a charcoal grey, ribbed cashmere polo neck jumper from Ballantyne in Scotland. Whilst the neoprene jacket is only semi-dry and is very much open at the bottom, Bond’s jumper is still dry.

Click the image to see the Ballantyne polo neck jumper close up.
Click the image to see the Ballantyne polo neck jumper close up.

Under the polo neck jumper Bond has on another jumper that has a stand-up collar with poppers a quarter of the way down the chest.


For the bottom half Bond has on waterproof, insulated trousers, worn with a belt, and blue and black lace-up boots.


At least four layers on top keep Bond warm in Iceland, but one-by-one he removes the layers. Even under the last layer, Bond is probably wearing thermal underwear.



  1. the black and blue lace-up boots worn by pierce brosnan in die another day. Can you please tell me who makes these boots and where can I buy them. thank you .

  2. Funny… I thought he was wearing tracksuit pants and Nike sneakers. This, I think is the sportiest look Bond ever had.

  3. The dark colours give Bond a modern look, but a blue jumper underneath would have looked nicer. Probably the most casual, outside of battle wear Brosnan ever looked


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