Draco: Black Lounge



Marc Ange Draco (Gabriele Ferzetti), the father of the bride, wears the most traditional version of black lounge at James and Tracy Bond’s wedding. Like George Lazenby, Ferzetti’s clothes were also tailored by Dimi Major. Draco’s black button one lounge coat has notched lapels, flapped pockets, three-button cuffs and no vents. The shoulders are straight with roped sleeve heads. The waistcoat matches the jacket in black and has six buttons with five to button. The trousers are in the traditional dark grey cashmere stripe pattern, most likely cut with a darted front and worn with braces.

M wears a less formal ensemble with light grey trousers and a cream shirt, and without a waistcoat

Draco’s white shirt has a tall spread collar with short points and has mitred barrel cuffs. Whilst a striped tie isn’t the traditional choice for a wedding, the colour scheme is right in black, silver, white and pink and is perfect for the occasion. The stripes go in the British direction, from lower on the right-hand side to higher on the left-hand side. The shoes are black, and most likely they are cap-toe oxfords. With the rest of the wedding party, Draco wears a white carnation in his lapel.


  1. Granted, the following is unrelated to the sartorial nature of the blog, but given the recent discussion about film color palettes in the recent TMWTGG olive DB thread, I thought I’d note that OHMSS had an unusually washed-out appearance in comparison to YOLT (or even DAF) – which is rather obvious in these two photos; especially that of Draco with M (you’d think they’d at least use a neutral density filter against the bright sun, but they didn’t).

    Quite strange, as all other Bond films up to this point had been quite lavish and sharp in their execution; OHMSS, on the other hand, looks as if someone shot it with cheap glass (with exception to some of the Piz Gloria interiors).


      • I have seen this movie four times on the big screen (including about a month ago) since 2006; the colors are vibrant and pop. I haven’t seen the blu-ray, but the 35mm is very colorful. I have also seen You Only Live Twice twice on the big screen with technicolor prints. It was a beautiful movie, but not as vibrant or as colorful as OHMSS.

      • The colours on the Blu-ray are all less vibrant that they were on VHS and DVD. In clothing, the difference is obvious with every blue suit.

    • Dear Kurt,
      It was a deliberate choice by Peter Hunt and Michael Reed, the DP, for more realism to light OHMSS differently.

      Talking clothes, the outfit is an improvement on the “Galeries Barbès tails” Draco wears in the novel. And it is more in line with Fleming describing Draco as wearing the kind of suits Bond himself wore. I think I read Peter Hunt went further with this line in dressing both Ferzetti and Lazenby with suits by his own tailor Dimi Major.

      Matt, did you receive the scan of the TMWTGG unused black dinner jacket ? Moore also wears a very similar model with frilled shirt at the LALD premiere and again at the Academy awards that year (when Marlon Brando did not collect the Oscar). A much used unused outfit as it seems!

      Regards from France

  2. P.S.
    Gabriele Ferzetti was one of the most elegant Italian actors, a great dresser.
    He dressed ever his own suits in his movies.

  3. Wonderful outfit. I think I even prefer it to Bond’s one. In the whole movie Draco’s suits are as well cut as Bond’s, with a clean and sober look. Even if I prefer pleated trousers, I really appreciate here the clean look of his flat front pants. The club tie for a wedding doesn’t disturb me at all. After all, it was customary in the early 30s for people to wear a club tie with morning dress at a wedding.
    Anyway, M, Q, Bond and Draco seem all to be wearing very dark navy jackets too me. How did you you guess it was black, Matt ?


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