Double Windowpane Dressing Gown in Live and Let Die


In the final scene of Live and Let Die, Bond wears a dressing gown in a terrycloth with a short pile. It has a base in white and red, which may have been achieved by using a white pile with a red ground. It has thick navy windowpane with a thinner red windowpane offset on top. The dressing gown has a shawl collar, set-in sleeves, a belt tied around the waist, and two patch pockets below the belt. Bond rolls back the cuffs, showing that the terry cloth is double-sided.

This dressing gown was made by Sulka, who Roger Moore mentioned a decade earlier in an episode of The Saint, and who made Pierce Brosnan’s shirts for GoldenEye. This dressing gown was sold at Aston’s Auctioneers & Valuers on 17 January 2009 for £3,600.



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