Double Leather Jackets in Die Another Day


Bond appears to be going all out with the leather, imitating the dress of the man he’s impersonating, Mr. Van Bierk. On top is a tan suede jacket from General Leather Co. cut in the style of a three-button lounge coat. It has bi-swing shoulder pleats, a belted-back detail, patch pockets with button-flaps below welted slash pockets on the chest, and two buttons on the cuffs.

Underneath the tan jacket Bond wears a shorter dark brown leather jacket. This jacket has a button front and many front pockets. Underneath that jacket Bond wears a dark grey button-down shirt from R.M. Williams over a charcoal crew-neck undershirt from Hanro of Switzerland. Bond’s tan flat front trousers that match the tan suede jacket have slanted side pockets and are worn with a brown belt from Polo Ralph Lauren. Bond’s brown grain-leather and canvas boots are from Kurt Geiger. When Bond meet’s Van Bierk he takes his sunglasses. Can anyone identify the make and model?


  1. The sunglasses is Oliver Peoples. Interesting note is that this was Mr. Brosnan’s private shades and not a product placement (strange for DAD!). Unfortunately I don´t know the model number of them.

  2. The make of the glasses are Oliver Peoples and were Brosnon’s personal glasses….not sure of the exact model tho’…

  3. I love the theft of Van Bierk’s sunglasses, great Bond moment, as the scene later in the film when he steals a few grapes like Connery in Thunderball.

    I think Die Another Day is one of the weakest films in the series, but it does feature some great clothing and Brosnan does a great job with the poor material he’s given. My feelings are pretty much the same about Never Say Never and The Man With the Golden Gun. Weaker films, but good performances from the lead actor and some excellent wardrobe choices.

  4. The gentleman on the right in the second picture should unbutton at least the bottom one, if not both the top and bottom buttons.

  5. Kyle, I’m not sure I’d agree that “Never Say Never Again” had “excellent wardrobe choices” . His cream suit, the dinner suit and Frank Foster’s interesting button down cocktail cuffs being the only sartorial highlights in my opinion. His other suits and sports coats were very nondescript.

  6. Oh, by no means do I mean to suggest that the clothes in Never Say Never are better or even as good as those in most of the EON films (excluding Licence to Kill of course) but I really like the shirts and the cream suit.

    Speaking of unofficial entries into the Bond series, Matt, what are your thoughts about taking a look at the 1954 and 1967 versions of Casino Royale? Nelson only wears the one dinner jacket (which was probably off-the-peg, considering the miniscule budget), but the ’67 version has so many different James Bonds in so many different outfits (my favorite being Peter Sellers’ grey suit with the “handsome pants” with the “new 00-fronts!) that you could probably double the length of this blog!

    Concerning this entry, I think it’s good combat-wear, totally appropriate for the situation.

    • I can’t say I’m a fan of the dinner suit in Never Say Never Again (the notch lapels on a dinner jacket are inappropriate for such a grand event), but there were some interesting clothes in Casino Royale (1967) and I will include some on this blog soon.

  7. Matt, we don’t see much of the shirt, but is it the only time Bond has worn a button-down style? R.M. Williams make very rugged, simple clothing and footwear in Australia for country men. Country folk, especially those who ride, love the stuff. They would be the Oz equivalent of Burberry.

  8. The sunglasses are definitely Oliver People’s Aero Matt. Brosnan wore them in After The Sunset as well, but I think they got broken after that film. He wore Oliver People’s Bernardo wayfarer model in The November Man.

      • Hi Tredstone, I’m very sure there also Oliver’s People as well. I’ll research those particular sunglasses.

      • Thanks! I think they may have been from Brosnan’s personal collection, I’ve seen him wear the same pair off the movie set during that time period.


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