A Double-Breasted Overcoat for a Funeral in The World Is Not Enough


Similar to the fawn-coloured overcoat that Bond wore in Tomorrow Never Dies, Bond wears a dark charcoal grey double-breasted overcoat to a funeral two years later in The World is Not Enough. Last week we looked at the tweed suit Bond wears under the overcoat. This overcoat, likely made of cashmere, has a six buttons on the front in a button-two, show-three configuration and wide peaked lapels with a buttonhole in each. The pockets are jetted without flaps, or the flaps are tucked into the pockets. The dark overcoat is an appropriate garment to wear to a funeral and makes up for the less formal tweed suit underneath. With the overcoat, Bond wears black leather gloves with three rows of stitching on the back of the hand.


  1. Beautiful overcoat. I assume Brioni also?

    Just one caveat with Brosnan who is overall, a beautiful, polished and elegant dresser (particularly for an Irishman, of which I'm also one.I also acknowledge that he has a valid reason with his injured arm here, but he reduces the impact of some attractive pieces of double breasted clothing by wearing the coat open.

    He did this previously with the Tommorrow Never Dies overcoat you already covered aswell as the navy blazer in Goldeneye.I assume this was a fashion thing but for me the item would look better buttoned.

  2. This whole ensemble reminds me why I love Brosnan and his Brioni wardrobe; I think this is perfect. The World is Not Enough and Die Another Day feature some of my favorite suits.

  3. I concur. Beautiful piece of clothing.

    Brosnan wears an almost identical navy blue overcoat in Die Another Day. And, as with his previous double-breasted coats, he leaves it unbuttoned.

  4. I think the fact that Brosnan never buttons his doublebreasted coats (or blazer in Monte Carlo) is an expression of Brosnan’s nonchalance. Of course he knows that they should be buttoned, but he deliberately breaks the rules. Another example of this is when he mixes gold cufflinks with his Omega or the black belt with brown shoes in TWINE.

    Another explanation is that in Monaco he has just jumped on to Manticore and didn’t have time to button his jacket before the action begun.

    Keep the British end up!


  5. Is this the same overcoat worn by Brosnan while filming in Bilbao? There are a few behind the scenes shots of him in full PTS attire in Bilbao but also wearing a very nice overcoat.


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