Daniel Craig’s Dinner Suit in a Heineken Promotion


Last week Heineken released a two-minute action-packed commercial featuring Daniel Craig playing a fictional version of himself dressed in the most Bondian outfit: a midnight blue dinner suit. This spot was filmed in May 2018 at Parador de Cardona in Barcelona, Spain long before the No Time to Die production started. In a moment reminiscent of the opera scene in Quantum of Solace, Daniel Craig finds himself underdressed and steals a dinner suit to blend in with the crowd. Few things are more Bondian than wearing black tie to blend in.

Both Daniel Craig and James Bond have a knack for stealing a Tom Ford dinner suit in their size in a hurry

The dinner suit from Tom Ford is in a classic midnight blue with a button one, silk-satin-faced peaked-lapel jacket. The lapels are a medium width, and the silk satin facings are most likely black, which is what Tom Ford ordinarily uses on midnight blue dinner jackets. In some photos the facings, bow tie and shoes all look blue, but because the shoes are black, other items that may appear to be blue are also likely to be black.

The jacket has straight shoulders with light structure and roped sleeve heads. It has Tom Ford trademarks like a curved “barchetta” breast pocket, five cuff buttons with the last buttonhole longer than the rest, and half gauntlet (turnback) cuffs, which adorn only the outer half of the sleeve. Craig wears the last cuff button open. The dinner jacket is also detailed with long double vents that reach the height of the hip pockets and satin-trimmed jetted pockets.

The trousers have a flat front, slide-buckle side-adjusters, narrow legs and black satin stripe down each outseam.

The suit looks a little too tight, which is something we’ve come to expect from Daniel Craig’s clothes. The tightness is especially noticeable in the sleeves. This suit was likely made to Daniel Craig’s measurements before he was fitted for his No Time to Die suits.

According to @whatsdanielwearing on Instagram, this suit is the O’Connor model.

This is likely the same dinner suit that Daniel Craig wears in the Omega promotion that was released in September 2018. It is not the same model than Craig wears in No Time to Die.

Daniel Craig’s white dress shirt has a spread collar, a bib with a French front and double cuffs, all made of cotton marcella. The collar and cuffs are edge-stitched for a clean, continental look. The shirt fastens with rimless black onyx studs and matching cufflinks.

He is wearing a black thistle-shaped bow tie and a square-folded white cotton pocket square. We cannot see if he is wearing his usual cummerbund under this dinner suit.

Also thanks to @whatsdanielwearing, the shoes are identified as black Bally Scamardo calf leather derby shoes. The shoes have five eyelets, leather soles and broguing at the unusually curved seam of the quarters that attaches the quarter to the vamp. These shoes are appropriate for a suit or blazer but not for a dinner suit, mainly because of the broguing but also because they are derby shoes with a short vamp.

Watch the commercial:


  1. I suppose in the narrative of the commercial he didn’t have much of a choice for shoes, since he stole them. Outside of the broguing, they’re probably still a little too clunky for black tie, but, again, within the narrative of the commercial, waitstaff are usually going to be more concerned with what will hold up to nightly punishment than what best fits the standard of the dress code.

    • They should be wearing slip-resistant shoes since any decent restaurant requires them to avoid accidents. I’ve seen some that approach looking like decent dress shoes, but nothing as nice as Bally!

      • Yeah, I probably would have gone with a Dainite or even a soft rubber sole. It’s not like a waiter is going to be dancing or anything that he’d need leather soles.

  2. I liked Craig’s look on the new Entertainment Weekly cover. I daresay the T&A classic collar is the most flattering of all the collars I’ve seen him in, even if it’s not an official Bond outfit.

    • Love the glen check shirt. I’ve had one for years and it’s always been a favourite of mine, definitely an underrated option in shirting.

  3. Is there a reason the costumer designer always seems to choose longer (in width) and narrower (height-wise) bowties for Craig in his movies?

    When I compare them to Brosnan’s bowties in TND and TWINE, the latter seems to be more symmetrical. Do these varieties have something to do with the shape of a man’s face?

    • A man’s face has a lot to do with which bow tie shape looks best. Craig’s face looks better with narrower bow ties. I also think he’s often dressed in narrower bow ties as a callback to Bond’s style in the 1960s.


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