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Yesterday, GQ-Magazine.co.uk published three photos of Daniel Craig taken for a partnership between James Bond and Heineken. Though this partnership with the beer company involves Spectre, Daniel Craig is not in costume as James Bond, though he is dressed in a Bond-like manner. Though GQ identifies this navy pick-and-pick suit as a Tom Ford O’Connor suit, this is certainly not a Tom Ford Suit. This suit isn’t as interesting or unique as a Tom Ford suit, and it’s most likely a ready-to-wear suit, but Daniel Craig looks like James Bond in it.

Tom Ford suit jackets always have a curved “barchetta” breast pocket, which this suit jacket lacks. O’Connor suit jackets also have slanted hip pockets, whilst this jacket has straight pockets. The O’Connor jackets in Spectre are button three roll two, whilst this jacket is just a button two like the ready-to-wear O’Connor jackets. The Spectre suit jackets also have four cuff buttons whiles this jacket has only three cuff buttons. The buttons on this navy suit contrast in medium-light grey urea. And whilst Daniel Craig’s O’Connor jackets always have a single vent, this jacket has double vents. The narrow lapels are around the same width as the O’Connor lapels, but the notch on this jacket is smaller.

Craig’s suit jacket is cut with straight padded shoulders, gently roped sleeve heads, a lean chest and a suppressed waist. Overall, the suit has a very close fit, but it has a slightly cleaner fit than the Tom Ford suits he wears in Spectre. Because of his pose, it’s difficult to tell if the pulling at the waist is a result of the jacket being a little too tight, or if it’s because of the pose. The only serious problem with the fit of this jacket is the short length, which is fashionably on purpose. The suit trousers have a narrow, tapered leg with turn-ups, which contrast with the straight leg on Tom Ford trousers.

Under the suit, Daniel Craig wears a white shirt with a point collar and double cuffs. Though Craig wears similarly styled shirts made by Tom Ford in Spectre, this shirt is not one of those shirts. This shirt’s point collar is a bit shorter than the Tom Ford point collars and does not frame his face as well, but it doesn’t look bad either. The navy tie with white pin dots could possibly be from Tom Ford, but any number of brands could have provided this tie. There’s a folded white handkerchief in the jacket’s breast pocket to add to the Bond look. Craig’s shoes are black three-eyelet derbys with a chiselled toe and Dainite studded rubber soles. The shoes are likely the Crockett & Jones Highbury, which Craig wears in Skyfall.

GQ is also wrong about something other than the suit: Daniel Craig’s hair in Spectre. The longer hair in these photos gives Daniel Craig a more mature and sophisticated look, but if they looked at the Spectre trailer they would see that Craig’s hair in the film is the usual shorter length it has been in his other Bond films.

There are more photos GQ-Magazine.co.uk.


  1. Hello Matt! I love your blog and posts like this one is the reason. You always get your facts right and you have wonderful taste. In fact, you have inspired me to dress better and to understand the beauty of minute details in menswear. Thank you Matt.

  2. I actually think Craig looks better and more elegant in these pictures than in the SPECTRE shots we’ve seen thus far!

  3. I think he’s supposed to be Bond here, but your analysis on the suit is spot-on as usual.

    He looks good here. The longer hair is great. His hair in SPECTRE is a big improvement over Skyfall, but this would be better.

  4. Honestly, I wouldn’t have any trouble with his looking like this in the movies, from tailoring to haircut. As you pointed out, here he looks like James Bond.

  5. I have to agree with Dan and the other commenters, he looks better here than in Skyfall or the Spectre trailer. The jacket seems to fit well although it is too short. The trousers are too tapered for my taste but they don’t cling to his calves so I think they’re okay.
    And his hair looks great here. I honestly thought that the reason for the very short cut in Skyfall is because Craig is losing his hair and it will look less obvious with a shorter cut. But this picture shows that he definitely looks better with longer hair. They should have just gone with this hairstyle in the film.

    • From memory the very short hair-cut in Skyfall was actually intended to make Craig look older than he actually was (adding to the films presentation of Bond as older and washed up.)
      Certainly the slightly longer hair he had round the promotion of Skyfall (and the slightly longer cut he has now for SPECTRE) suggest he is not loosing his hair at such a pace that cross cropped cuts would be the only wayy to disguise it.

    • Brunello Cucinelli is very unlikely because their suits usually have soft shoulders. The Brunello Cucinelli cut is not at all flattering to Daniel Craig, whilst this suit looks much better on him. This suit doesn’t have any Italian flare and looks more like it’s from an English ready-to-wear brand.

  6. That’s the second or third time now that (British) GQ have made a mistake like this. The first was when they stated Tom Ford produced Bond’s suits for Casino Royale…

    I love this suit, although as others have said… the jacket is way too short.


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