Crab Key Island Wear: A Light Blue Polo in Dr. No


For his exploration on Crab Key, Bond wears a light blue cotton pique knit shirt tucked into light blue trousers. The polo shirt has a subtle horizontal stripe, ribbed collar and cuffs and a two-button placket. The trousers sit at the waist and have button-waist-adjusters, an extended waistband that closes with two clasps, and two rear pockets.

There are actually two different pairs of trousers worn in these scenes, and they differ in the pockets. One pair has frogmouth pockets and the other has slanted side pockets. The trousers have a visible hem, but Bond often wears them rolled up.

Bond’s shoes are dark blue canvas two-eyelet derbies in most of the shots, though in one shot they are slip-ons.

Trousers with frogmouth pockets
Trousers with slanted pockets


  1. Timeless, classic warm weather casual wear. Not a thing wrong.

    This template was one some others would have done well to have emulated.

    Far better than anything casual sported by Dalton Ditto Brosnan and Craig's hideous multi-coloured/Hawaiian half sleeve shirts.

  2. I think the casual wear in The Living Daylights, Licence to Kill, Die Another Day is far more wearable than this. Powder blue trousers?? awful.
    Still at least it's not a safari suit.

  3. Thanks to Barima at "Mode Parade", I've found and enjoyed your blog. Thanks for explaining all this sartorial elegance that is 007…whatever his incarnation.

    P.S. Seems I'm unable to post comments on blogs that embed comments below it. Perhaps readjusting to opening new window would help?


    CK Dexter Haven from

  4. Someone else once reported that these were white jeans and, stupidly, I said the same in a comment here. I haven't seen the movie in a long time and this definitely proves them wrong!

  5. Any ideas what material the trousers are?

    Matt S – this is my first post here but what a terrific blog, rapidly becoming one of my favourite reads :-)

  6. The trousers have to be cotton. They might be a lightweight twill chino cloth, but my guess would have to be poplin.


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