Arrival in Cortina d’Ampezzo: A Shearling Blouson in For Your Eyes Only


Cortina Shearling Blouson

James Bond arrives in Cortina d’Ampezzo in For Your Eyes Only wearing a very warm shearling blouson, similar to a flight jacket. The outside is light brown suede sheepskin and the inside is brown lambswool, which shows when the collar is folded over. The jacket has a zip front, two pockets on the front, and brown ribbed cuffs and hem. Underneath the blouson Bond wears a bronze cashmere polo neck jumper with ribbed cuffs and a ribbed hem.

The trousers are fawn cavalry twill wool with a flat front and straight legs. The trousers are most likely made by Douglas Hayward. Bond wears dark brown leather boots—likely with a side zip—with this outfit.

Cortina Shearling Blouson


  1. I love this outfit. I’d wear exactly that in the snow.

    I had always thought the fur collar was a more luxurious pelt though… any source for saying it is lambswool? Moore clearly hung onto it as he can be seen wearing it at the Press Conference for the reopening of the 007 stage at Pinewood in 1984!

    Incidentally, Matt, I read in the new GQ that the revised Anthony Sinclair may be offering Cyril Castle styling soon…

    • Lambswool is just my guess. I don’t know much at all about furs, and I don’t wear fur myself, but I’ve looked up a lot of possibilities and I think it’s most likely lambswool. If the fur were just the collar I would have guessed something more luxurious, but you can see the fur extends into the body.

      I spoke with David Mason and Richard Paine about Cyril Castle, since Paine was an apprentice of Castle before going across the street to Sinclair in the early 70s. I can’t imagine the Castle style will draw in as much attention as the Sinclair style, but it’s a move I appreciate. Little else resembles Castle’s or Sinclair’s cuts. Edwin DeBoise of Steed Tailors comes closest to my eyes (though softer), but nothing comes close to Castle’s double breasted suits.

  2. Concur completely with the positive feedback for this outfit.

    Matt, how can you tell the sweater is cashmere rather than, say, merino wool, apart from the fact that cashmere is a more luxurious (and indeed warmer) product to suit both 007’s image and current location?

    Incidentally, the British GQ edition for November carries a Roger Moore interview. One accompanying photograph shows him on location in Cortina sporting a pair of dark brown leather ankle boots (most likely Ferragamo) with this sweater and trousers combination (but with a 007 promo parka style jacket instead of the suede blouson).

  3. It’s a little hard to ascertain, Matt. I will have a look at the photos accompanying the interview again (they’re not very big) or I can scan the page and E mail to you.

    Another photo shows Moore in this ensemble standing on a boat The shoes he wears are cream loafers with an apron front (similar to most of his Ferragamo shoes in his 1980’s Bond movies). I included a comment below this particular post in relation to this.


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