Collars Royale: Turnbull & Asser


In a new graphic series called “Collars Royale”, I break down the styles of the shirts James Bond wears, starting with the first shirt brand that Bond wears, Turnbull & Asser. I break down the collars, cuffs and fancy fronts of the Turnbull & Asser shirts that appear in ten Bond films, including Never Say Never Again, worn by Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. The collars are mostly very similar, but I have illustrated to subtle differences between the collars.

Here is the first installment of “Collars Royale”:


  1. I felt the Brioni collars for Brosnan in DAD had a bit of a wider spread than the T&A ones he wore in prior movies. Also the tie space was narrower.

  2. I wish turnbull and asser would make the off the peg process for the bond fan easy. We are always having to scavenger hunt for the authentic item. Where the premium price exists so should the service, afterall I don’t expect ross or tj Maxx to help me follow the steps of 007.

  3. Say the cutter screwed up and the collar does not reach that far, could the shirt be used for anything else? Say a v neck sweater, or should they just be a donation ?

  4. The same collar that you use for a lounge suit, could you tell a cutter to use that exact same collar when making a dress shirt for an evening suit? Or is it like the guy trying to make a suit into an evening suit by simply wearing a bowtie?

  5. Is the tie space always a standard 1cm? Does that 1cm work for bowties as well?
    is a turnback cuff appropriate for blacktie?

  6. To quote Roger Moore , his favorite Shirtmakers were :
    Frank Foster
    Eton Shirts
    Washington Tremlett
    And ” The Odd Turnbull and Asser “.
    I wonder if any of his Turnbull and Asser shirts actually got used in a Bond Film.
    Also , Matt , l noticed that in the Shirtings list , you didn’t mention the ecru silk worn in ” From Russia with Love ” or the pink linen worn in ” You only live twice “

  7. Wonderful. I presume the wide high spread collar is the one worn with the lounge suits in TWINE while the high spread collar in TWINE refers to the evening shirt ?

    Matt, between all of these collars, which one do you think would be better suited to a person with a face similar to Brosnan’s in Goldeneye ?

  8. it seems in order for me to get a brosnan accurate spread collar, it seems it appears to be one step away from the straight cutaway. is this correct?


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