Goldfinger's Suit

Goldfinger’s Shawl-Collar Suit

As we all know, Auric Goldfinger loves gold and he loves to wear it. He wears gold cufflinks, a gold watch and a gold ring. Go...
Goldfinger Felix Leiter

Felix Leiter: Ivy League Style

The Americans' traditional "Ivy League" style saw it's peak in the 1950s and early 1960s and was popular amongst people from c...
Goldfinger Playsuit

The Infamous Terrycloth Playsuit in Goldfinger

If a man wears something made of terrycloth it's typically a robe. In honour of Sean Connery's birthday, we'll look at a more ...

The Original Gun Barrel

Stuntman Bob Simmons was the first man to appear as Bond in the Bond films. Simmons appears in the famous gun barrel sequence ope...

Dark Brown Shadow Stripe Suit in Goldfinger

In the famous scene in Fort Knox in Goldfinger, Bond wears two-piece suit tailored by Anthony Sinclair in brown—or a weave of ...

The Brown Trilby

In the first four James Bond films, Sean Connery's Bond wears or carries a brown felt trilby hat. Lock & Co. Hatters takes...

Black as Night: A V-Neck Jumper and Polo in Goldfinger

Goldfinger is the first time Bond goes out at night camouflaged in black. Black is the natural choice of clothing to wear if o...

The Blue Herringbone Flannel Suit in Goldfinger

Bond visits Q-Branch in Goldfinger wearing a dark blue button two suit made by Anthony Sinclair. The cloth has a mottled appea...