Charcoal Windowpane-Cream Shirt

The Charcoal Windowpane Suit in GoldenEye

For GoldenEye, costume designer Lindy Hemming commissioned three different three-piece suits—plus plenty of extras—from Brioni...
GoldenEye Plaid Suit

The GoldenEye Prince of Wales Check Suit

In GoldeneEye, Bond wears a Prince of Wales check two-piece suit to the new M's office. The suit was originally made with a six-...

Brosnan’s Double-Breasted Blazer in GoldenEye

The last time we saw Bond wearing blazer was on Pierce Brosnan, 16 years ago in GoldenEye. The navy, double-breasted Brioni blaz...

The Navy Birdseye Tank Suit in GoldenEye

In GoldenEye, Bond's navy suit from Brioni survives many action scenes. The cloth is navy birdseye woven by Schofield & Smit...

A Navy Cable Knit Jumper and Day Cravat in GoldenEye

For a drive in the Aston Martin DB5 in GoldenEye, James Bond wears a navy cable knit crew neck jumper. Bond wears the jumper wit...

The Three-Piece Dinner Suit in GoldenEye

New Year's Eve is soon approaching and it's a night when many people pull out their black tie ensemble. Many people like to wear...