From Russia With Love

The Short Car Coat

In From Russia with Love, Bond finds a navy wool car coat and peaked cap in a SPECTRE agent's truck to wear on his maritime es...

Warm-Weather Glen Check Suit in Istanbul in From Russia with Love

Sean Connery's second glen check suit in From Russia With Love is almost identical to the glen check suit in Dr. No. The cloth...
Q Prince of Wales Suit

Q’s Introduction in a Prince of Wales Check Suit

Skyfall is released today in the UK, and a new quartermaster is introduced. But let's take a look back 49 years ago. From Russ...
From Russia With Love Flannel Suit

Casual Dinner in a Charcoal Flannel Suit in From Russia with Love

In From Russia With Love, Bond wears a charcoal flannel suit to dinner at the gypsy camp. This is a typical Anthony Sinclair s...

The Original Gun Barrel

Stuntman Bob Simmons was the first man to appear as Bond in the Bond films. Simmons appears in the famous gun barrel sequence ope...

The Second Dinner Suit—Stalking in From Russia with Love

Bond is introduced to us in Dr. No wearing a midnight blue shawl-collar dinner suit. In the From Russia With Love pre-title sequ...

M: The Brown Flannel Suit in From Russia with Love

Bernard Lee's M is known for his likeness to Winston Churchill, partially attributed to his penchance for bow ties. M didn't w...

Connery’s Flannel Chalk Stripe Suit in From Russia with Love

Not all of Anthony Sinclair's suits for Sean Connery are lightweight, which is one thing his suits are known for. Connery wears a ...