Never Say Never Again

Turnbull & Asser Jermyn Street

Turnbull & Asser James Bond Shirt Patterns

Whilst visiting Turnbull & Asser in July, employee Steven Quin brought some James Bond shirt patterns out of the archive t...
Never Say Never Again - Dinner Suit

Never Say Never Again: Black Notched-Lapel Dinner Suit

Sean Connery wears a well-cut black, notch-lapel, button one dinner jacket in Never Say Never Again. For such a grand occasion...

Never Say Never Again: Blue Blazer

Sean Connery wears a single-breasted blue blazer in a number of his Bond films and carries the blazer over to Never Say Never Ag...

Button-Down Cocktail Cuff

Though never seen in the Bond films, both Sean Connery and Roger Moore wear shirts with a unique button-down cocktail cuffs. M...

Never Say Never Again: Blue Herringbone Tweed

In Never Say Never Again, Sean Connery wears one of the most versatile sports coats, a navy and grey herringbone tweed sports ...

Never Say Never Again: Cream Suit

The only time Sean Connery wears a cream suit in the James Bond series is with the linen cream suit in Diamonds Are Forever. Con...

Never Say Never Again: Dark Grey Suit

Occasionally I'll be sourcing material outside the Bond series, from both related films and television programmes. For Sean Co...