Wear a Boutonnière Like James Bond

The boutonnière is a flower traditionally worn in the lapel buttonhole of a jacket. Wearing a flower in this manner got its na...

James Bond Black Tie Illustrations by Pat Carbajal

Recently I had become acquainted with a brilliant artist and illustrator named Pat Carbajal from Argentina. We worked together on ...

How James Bond Wears a Suit Without a Tie

In the 1960s it would have been unthinkable for James Bond to wear any suit, or even a sports coat, without a tie. Even today,...

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The Suits of James Bond has a new look!

The Suits of James Bond is now redesigned with a fresh look. The blog's refreshed design makes it easier to navigate the most rece...

Woman of Straw: A Pastel Blue Blouson and Polo Neck

Sean Connery's 1964 film Woman of Straw served as the source of most of his tailored clothing in Goldfinger. However, most of ...

Bond Style Tips in Executive Style

Check out a brief article by Sydney Morning Herald journalist Stephen Lacey about James Bond's style at Executive Style, featuring...

Rittenhouse Costume Cards

As many of you may know, Rittenhouse has sold "costume cards" of actual wardrobe clippings from the James Bond series. These incl...