George Lazenby’s Brown Suede Monk Shoes



Two weeks ago I covered George Lazenby’s poorly received brown and orange golf clothing, but the shoes worn with that outfit will be discussed in more detail here today. The shoes are a combination between monk shoes and loafers. The shoes are made on a narrow, elongated last with a slightly pointed toe, a fashionable style in the 1960s. The shoes are made in brown suede, slightly darker than typical tobacco-coloured suede. They have a plain toe with a monk strap across the vamp with a buckle, though they have lower quarters than lace-up or monk shoes, like a loafer would have, so they are easier to put on and take off without undoing the strap’s buckle. The shoes have a long last, which is emphasised by the plain toe. A shoe like this will be very difficult to find ready-made, as it’s in between a monk and a loafer. Nevertheless it’s an elegant pair of shoes that is the highlight of Bond’s golf outfit in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.


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