Brown Golf Outfit in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service


Bond dresses for golf in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service though he doesn’t make it to the course. The outfit here differs significantly from what we saw five years earlier in Goldfinger. The outfit consists of a matching brown blouson and trousers over an orange polo neck knit. The bloson length goes just a little lower than the waist. It has a zip-front with a large metal ring attached to the slider, a short collar, and flapped patch pockets. The blouson is cut with a bi-swing back, which means it has large pleats over the shoulders. It is especially helpful for hunting and golf since it gives the arms a free range of motion. The cuffs close around the wrist with a button, and the hem has D-ring tabs.

The flat front trousers have frogmouth pockets and are cut with a low rise. The fabric of the jacket and trousers is most likely polyester, or a blend of cotton and polyester. Polyester was a hot new material at the time, and I don’t see a problem with using it for casual outerwear. Underneath the jacket Bond wears a lightweight, orange polo neck jumper. The collar is fairly short for a polo neck. And underneath the jumper is a white shirt or vest. Bond’s socks are light taupe and his shoes are brown suede slip-ons with a strap and buckle, though lower cut than monk shoes.

Notice the large bi-swing pleats behind the shoulder


  1. It's the colour of the roll neck sweater that ruins it. With a different colour sweater or a paler colour shirt it might not be so bad.

    This is an example of putting Bond in something too fashionable. Lazenby's formal wear doesn't look too bad.

  2. That color choice is awful. Even for 1969. David might be onto something that a different color shirt might look better. But as is – awful.

  3. See, I could see myself wearing the trousers alone — they're quite similar to the frog pocket trousers worn in Goldfinger — but not a matching jacket. It's as bad as those velour track suits (worn everywhere BUT the track) that will look just as quaint and dated in a decade. If he just wore a navy Baracuda instead it would improve the look tenfold.

  4. I agree that being a suit is one of the many things wrong with this outfit. But I wouldn't wear those trousers alone because I'm sure they have to be polyester. I don't mind jackets made of synthetics since they can be quite effective in wind and rain, but polyester trousers don't do it for me.


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