Brioni Shirts in Die Another Day



For Die Another Day, Pierce Brosnan switched from the Turnbull & Asser shirts of the previous two James Bond films to Brioni shirts. In an affected shot of product placement in Die Another Day, packaged Brioni shirts in can be seen alongside the Bollinger and Norelco names. Brosnan’s Brioni shirts have a cutaway collar with long collar points and no tie space. The double cuffs have slightly rounded corners, and the link holes are placed in the centre of the cuff. The shirt has a wide placket gauntlet (sleeve placket) buttons and side pleats at the back. The collars and cuffs have traditional stitching a quarter-inch from the edge, as does the placket. The shirts are made of cotton poplin in solid white, light blue and mid blue. Daniel Craig again wears Brioni shirts as James Bond in Casino Royale.



  1. I remember watching this scene in the theatres like it was yesterday. While I was busy drooling over the shirts and "Peaceful Fountains of Desire", the women in the crowd were quite audible in their approval of Bond's haircut and shave!

  2. Oh, the blatant product placement made me so angry when I first saw this film — to say nothing of the movie in general.

  3. Ah yes, Die Another Day, or as I prefer to call it License to Shill. Still though, Brosnan's clothes look immaculate and despite the blatant product placement and utter ridiculousness of the film itself it is one of my favorite entries in the series from a sartorial point of view.

    • 8 years later, now about $575-700! Gotta love inflation and rising prices.

      I honestly wouldn’t have minded the switch to Brioni that much in this movie but the lack of tie space in the collar is rather noticeable (and not in a good way).

  4. Brioni shirts actually sell for over $400. Turnbull & Asser is under $300. There's no reason to spend $400 for a shirt off the pegs, and I still wouldn't recommend buying Turnbull & Asser of the pegs. If you're spending that much for a shirt off the pegs you might as well spend just a bit more and have your shirts made for you.

  5. I dropped by the Brioni store on mad av. yesterday and saw a RTW plain white Sea Island cotton dress shirt for $960. Whaaaaaat….


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