Breaking into M’s Flat in a Topcoat and Polo in Casino Royale

Casino Royale Topcoat

At M’s flat in Casino Royale, James Bond wears a topcoat in a dark grey barleycorn pattern reminiscent of the famous barleycorn tweed jacket in Goldfinger. The coat has straight shoulders, which may signify that it is Brioni-made like the suits in the film. The coat has notch lapels and a collar like a typical lounge coat. The coat has three buttons down the front, three buttons on the cuffs, straight flapped pockets and a single vent. The coat is approximately knee length, though we don’t see Bond wearing the coat whilst standing.

Casino Royale Topcoat Detail
Barleycorn detail

Underneath the coat Bond wears a black polo with a two-piece collar and two buttons down the placket, for a total of three buttons. Though a long-sleeve polo would be most appropriate since Bond is wearing a topcoat, we don’t see black sleeves under the coat’s sleeves. It’s likely the sleeves are pushed up because it would be odd and impractical to wear a short-sleeve shirt under a topcoat. The polo is most likely made of cotton jersey.

The trousers are in a small black and white glen check with an overlaid light blue check. The trousers have turn-ups. Bond also wears black socks and black calf John Lobb Romsey two-eyelet chukka boots.

Casino Royale Topcoat


  1. I am impressed by your precision, Matt. We see very little of this outfit, and almost only in the darkness…This is my favorite casual outfit of Casino Royale. Simple, sober, elegant even with only a few different colours. I would only have preferred the polo to be worn butonned, but… Any idea of the brand of the shoes and trousers, Matt ? I guess Lobb for the boots, but the trousers could either be Ted Baker or Brioni.

  2. I like this one a lot, it is a shame that we don’t get to see more of it in the film. I’ve been looking forward to seeing it covered here in order to get a little more detail.
    I recall reading that the trousers are Ted Baker but I’m really not sure.
    This article provides an interesting contrast to a similar scene in Skyfall– here Bond is young, enthusiastic and well put together whereas in the later film he is disheveled and broken. And obviously he didn’t take the “don’t ever break into my house again” threat too seriously!

  3. Very cool, after-hours look. I know this is controversial, but I think Casino Royale had excellent all-around clothing for Bond, from the suits to the casual.

    • I agree 100% with you, Christian. But I don’t see why this would be controversial… One can’t deny that the dinner jacket is perfectly cut, for example, like other more casual outfits. It’s just the Brioni style that is particular, and nobody is forced to like it, of course. To me, in term of clothing, Casino Royale was really complete and almost perfect -just not enough lounge suits to be watched, in my opinion :) -, a little like OHMSS : lots of different outfits, from black tie to casual, from summer to winter. But the only problem was in the fitting of Craig’s 3 lounge suits. I loved their style, but thought they could have been just a bit more fitted, since Craig wasn’t Brosnan -and the 3-button cut, while nice, made Craig appear shorter and larger, I think. Anyway, the fitting is just terrible on the final 3-piece suit, the others suits still look the part.
      I would be curious to hear your opinion about the lounge suits of Casino Royale, Matt, if that is not too much asking.

    • Yes, it is controversial, Christian. It remains my opinion that the outfit worn in Madagascar represents the lowest point in Bond’s sartorial history and viewpoints to the effect that he was a 007 in transition, undeveloped in his style, don’t make any sense.

      • Ha, David, yes, we did go a few rounds on that Madagascar outfit. Not to reiterate here, but I agree with you about Bond beginning/not yet 007 we know, etc. – that is just a dumb marketing angle. But I liked that it blended in with the locals/place/setting.

  4. Matt is this the kind of top coat that works well casually or is it really a bit too formal to be worn with a polo shirt and slacks?

      • Just asking as it is winter in Australia Matt and quite cold down south where I live. I have a black wool top coat, knee length like a car coat, but with natural shoulders i’m wearing a lot at the moment. But I have a black and a navy peacoat as well. I am going to get a navy overcoat soon with a slight brown check through it for more formal wear.

  5. Hi Matt, Fantastic article as usual! I know I’m a couple of years late to the party but I was hoping you could help me out with a query. I am getting a similar coat tailor made and I am trying to understand the difference between a normal coat collar and a collar like a “typical lounge coat”? Thanks!


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