BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT! From Tailors with Love: Episode 100


I’m excited to announce that the dream you’ve all been asking for is now the reality. This spring, I will be releasing a book about the style of James Bond that I co-authored with my From Tailors with Love co-host Peter Brooker! The book is called From Tailors with Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films, and it will be published by BearManor Media.

Before writing this book, I knew it could be not a re-hash of this blog. Though we discuss some of Bond’s most iconic looks in the book, it does not have a detailed breakdown of all of Bond’s looks like this blog. The book is almost exclusively new stories that have not been told on this blog or on the From Tailors with Love podcast. Peter and I combined our voices to tell this story in a way that would have been impossible for either one of us to do alone.

We’ve focused the book on the history of Bond’s clothing, through the fashions of the eras, the meaning of the clothes within the films, and the people who made the clothes. As with any good story, it’s the people who make it special.

The book provides fresh insights through exclusive interviews with Bond-series costume designers Lindy Hemming, Jany Temime, Jodie Tillen and Emma Porteous, the late celebrity shirtmaker to the Bond series Frank Foster, Bond film director John Glen, menswear mogul Umberto Angeloni, keeper of the Bond brands David Mason and many others in the tailoring, fashion and film industries.

Peter and I discuss the book in the video below.

You can hear more about the project on the latest episode of From Tailors with Love.


  1. Incredibly exciting, Matt! I would’ve bought it even if it was just a straight compendium of the blog, but a great idea to pivot and take a different (and probably more interesting) approach with the book. Cant believe some of the names you got to sit down for interviews.

  2. Congratulations Matt and Pete on your upcoming release of the new book, I can’t wait for it, and I hope Jonathan Sothcott’s book Jermyn Street Shirt will be out here in the states around the same time. I can’t wait to read the Frank Foster chapter too, once again, congratulations.

  3. Congratulations to you both ! These unique interviews do seem pretty interesting !
    On another note, I would like to know where do the jacket, shirt and tie come from ?! Especially the suit jacket, that cloth looks terrific. Very FRWL.

    • The suit jacket is vintage Chester Barrie, the shirt is Frank Foster and the tie is Sam Hober. The glen check as seen on the cover is closer to the Skyfall and No Time to Die checks than any other of Bond’s glen checks.

      • I couldn’t agree more I love that jacket cloth. Is that black and mid grey? It appears a bit more subtle than a black and white check, and I like the scale of it. I’d certainly wear that to my office. With the blue shirt and cocktail cuffs and navy grenadine tie its about as Bondian as it gets.

  4. Well done, Matt and Peter. While this project has a logical, almost sequential, inevitably about it, it will still be very exciting to see this project on the printed page. If the eye catching cover is anything to go by then the book will be compelling!

  5. Looking forward to this wonderful read. It will surely join Roetzel’s bible on menswear on my shelf. The glen check, turnbzack cuff in blue poplin and grenadine is an iconic Bond look and a staple of my wardrobe (be it also in a cotton PoW, royal oxford shirting, “étamine de soie” or knitted for the tie,…) ! I am sure some of us are already trying to emulate the book cover with elements from their wardrobe !

  6. Wonderful news !!! it’s going to be a valuable and most useful guideline to look suave and ready to jump to action. Meanwhile I notice I already have every piece seen on the cover; a great start.
    Now I hope the book would be available in France, otherwise to find out a way to order it from US.
    Congrats on your great job…I can’t wait to read it.

  7. Looking forward to reading it! If anything, the posts and discussions on this blog have become even more interesting as they go beyond descriptions to examine the history behind the evolution of Bondian fashion, and men’s fashion in general.

  8. Matt, congratulations on the new book, and I also noticed that you are quoted in Richard Thompson Ford’s book: Dress Codes: How the Laws of Fashion Made History. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to look at that book as much as I would have liked, but I hope to be able to read it soon, and yours as well when it comes out.

  9. Sitting here in La Rochelle , France wondering when I will be able to get my hands on a copy of this book!


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