James Bond’s Flat and Pyjamas in Dr. No


Bond's Flat--Umbrella Stand

In Dr. No, James Bond returns to his flat after a briefing at the office. Bond is wearing a dinner suit and carrying a chesterfield and homburg. Beside the front door we see an umbrella stand holding a classic stick umbrella with a black canopy, an item we’ve never seen Bond use. A brown trilby is sitting on top of the umbrella. Bond removes his shoes in the foyer and proceeds to his bedroom in stocking feet. When Bond opens the door the first item of clothing we see is a dark hat lying on its crown on the floor, and Sylvia Trench is using it to improve her golf game. The hat at first resembles as bowler, but it doesn’t have the brim of the bowler. It could just be a trilby with the crown pushed out.  A pair of charcoal trousers is on a hanger, hanging on a the closet door, and they are likely the same trousers Bond wears later with his navy blazer.

Bond's Flat--Trilby

Sylvia Trench puts on one of Bond’s pyjama shirts. The shirt is made of a self-stripe off-white cotton and has light blue piping along the edges as well as on the patch chest pocket and the base of the cuffs. The shirt has a straight hem all the way around the bottom with no vent. There are four buttons down the front, of which Trench buttons the bottom three. A shawl collar is cut from the same piece as the shirt’s front panels. We can also see a light blue piece of clothing sitting on a chair behind Trench, but it’s difficult to tell what it is.

Bond's Flat--Sylvia Trench Pyjamas


  1. Matt, thank you for this article. It’s a great idea to study Bond’s appartment, and it adds some variety. It would be interesting to compare it with the others appartments we get a look of -Moore’s one in LALD, I think we see the inside of his closet since a girl is hidden there, and I think that’s all… We see pratically nothing of Lazenby’s one, no items of clothing or accessories, and I think we haven’t seen any of the flats of the last three Bonds.
    About the piece of light blue clothing, it could certainly be one of Bond’s shirts, with the cuffs unfolded, like the ones we see in Bond’s hotel rooms (Dr No, FRWL) or in Bond’s Orient Express car compartment.
    That said, I do have a question about Bond’s shoes worn with his dinner suit, Matt. When he removes them, it’s extremely quick, like if they were slip-ons (and, as a matter of fact, the same way he removes his shoes in FRWL, just before the metting with Tania in the bedroom). But for you, they are oxfords. Could these shoes be (unfortunately, I don’t know the name of this kind of model) something that look like oxfords, but with no laces and small elastic side gussets, that one put on like some slip-ons ? That would be rather minimalist and thus appropriate for Bond’s character.

    • The shoes have laces, and they don’t appear to expand when Bond removes them. They were probably tied a bit loose so they would come off fairly easily. I have a pair of shoes with elastic gussets on the sides and they come off more easily than Bond’s shoes do.


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