Bond’s First Cream Suit in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service


Connery had established Bond’s suit as either grey or blue, with the occasional brown. But George Lazenby’s first suit as Bond is none of the above. It’s a cream linen suit, appropriate for a warm resort in Portugal. Lazenby’s Bond is introduced with a more fashionable and rakish suit, with a more suppressed waist, a shorter jacket length, a more rounded front skirt opening, slanted pockets, deeper double vents and darted-front trousers.


The suit is made by Fulham tailor Dimi Major. The jacket has a button two front and swelled edges. The shoulders are straight with a soft layer of padding and natural sleeveheads. The chest has a full cut and the waist is suppressed. The sleeves have the then fashionable touch of only one button. The buttonholes are sewn with a darker, contrasting thread. The narrow-cut trousers have plain bottoms and no break.

Bond wears a fine pink cotton shirt from Frank Foster with a semi-spread collar that has a quarter-inch tie space and rounded single-button cuffs. His navy silk knit tie is a familiar piece that Connery wore occasionally in his Bond films. Bond’s shoes are cream slip-ons with a monk strap. Though they have a strap and buckle, the shoes have the lower vamp and quarters of a slip-on shoe.



  1. It's interesting how similar this suit is to Craig's Layer Cake suit, and would be considered quite fashionable by today's standards– proof that fashion really is cyclical!

  2. This suit made for a welcome change from Connery's staid colours but, for me anyway, the shirt and tie combination doesn't work with the colour of the suit.

    Pink and navy and cream? Bit of a mish mash. A blue shirt would have worked much better. Some shade of brown shoe (such as the tobacco colour ones Lazenby wears elsewhere in the movie) would have worked better too.

    Overall, I think Lazenby is unfairly maligned as his sartorial style was quite competent as was his performance in what, in hindsight, was one of the best Bond movies of the entire series.

  3. Or perhaps classic style and good taste never go out of fashion! Having said that, Lazenby's jacket is a little too short, especially for a man who is 6'2"! Notice, also, how "unfinished" Craig's currently fashionable open collar looks compared to a shirt and tie outfit.

  4. My previous comment was intended as a reply to "Anonymous". While I'm at it, I agree with David's assessment of the shirt/tie combination and the cream shoes.

  5. Personally I don’t mind the colours of the shirt and tie, though I do agree on the shoes. Another colour would have broken it up and looked more pleasing.

    I’ve got to say, I’m 27 and I really like the look of that suit. The only things I’d change would be the colour (to dark blue, though this might have a knock on effect to the material), and would be the length of the suit. Seems too short by an inch or two to me, but that’s probably just personal preference

  6. Matt, do you think it’s ok a linen Summer suit to be worn with a knit tie? Do you think the texture match is ok?

  7. Is this suit made out of cotton? if the shirt and tie combination do not match what other shirt and tie combination would work with this suit? I recently acquired a Brooks Brothers cotton suit in this color and I’m trying to figure out what to wear with it


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