Bond in a Women’s Bathrobe



Like most of Bond’s bathrobes and dressing gowns, the bathrobe Bond wears in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is not his own. In fact, it’s not even a men’s bathrobe. Tracy (Diana Rigg) wears the bathrobe after she breaks into Bond’s hotel suite, and she leaves the bathrobe behind when she disappears from Bond’s balcony in the middle of the night. Since her dress is on the bed when we first see her in the bathrobe, Tracy probably found the bathrobe in Bond’s hotel suite closet. The bathrobe is likely provided by the hotel in every suite’s closet.

Tracy-BathrobeBond puts on the bathrobe when he wakes up and finds it laying next to him in bed. The robe’s short length is what gives it away a women’s bathrobe, and when Bond sits in the bathrobe it just barely covers the parts that it needs to. On Tracy, the bottom of the bathrobe hits at her upper thigh. Diana Rigg 5’9″ tall, and the short bathrobe plays up the sex appeal of her long legs. Bond, however, is 6’2″ tall and for obvious reasons needs a longer bathrobe. The brief shot of Lazenby just barely wearing the bathrobe that is too short for him may have been for the same reasons Diana Rigg wears it. After all, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service features a new younger and fitter Bond.

Bond-Womens-Bathrobe-2The terrycloth bathrobe is white with a windowpane of double navy lines. The lines are thicker in the vertical than in the horizontal, which is an attempt to make the pattern more slimming by emphasising the vertical lines. There are two sets of three navy stripes follows by a single navy stripe around the shawl collar and the ends of the sleeves. The sleeves are worn folded up. A belt ties around the waist.

This may be the only piece of women’s clothing I ever cover on this blog, unless Bond again wears women’s clothing. It’s a shame we don’t get to see Bond wearing the gold silk pyjama suit with blue piping laid out on his bed.


  1. Don’t forget the other women’s clothing Lazenby wears, that very fetching checky skirt and frilly blouse!

  2. I remember when I first saw this film when I was perhaps 13 (in the early 80s) and I just assumed that this was what bathrobes in the late 60s looked like. I mean, Connery’s blue terrycloth romper in GF and Lazenby’s frilled shirts…surely this bathrobe could have been what was considered in style at the time!

  3. I am not sure about the gold pyjama suit – this is not a colour that would suit Bond very well (it’s the same with his infamous golf outfit). Typical late 60s / 70s colours.

  4. I would expect a hotel-provided bathrobe to be unisex, though some of the towels I’ve encountered would seem to suggest otherwise.

    The Diana shot that includes the bra seems rather risque for Bond, doesn’t it? Do we usually see the woman’s underwear? The only one off the top of my head was Plenty O’Toole in DAF, of which I have no complaints :-)

    • I seem to recall seeing women in more than just their underthings! They got away with a lot in the Bond movies pre-Goldeneye. Notably, the nude models in the opening sequences which are one coloured gel away from earning much more than a PG rating and a few brief glimpses of top-free nudity.

      Ironically, they got much more strict when Pierce Brosnan took on the role. Carefully airbrushing every objectionable part out of the opening sequences as well as keeping it firmly out of the movies proper. Pierce Brosnan had this to say about it, “In The World Is Not Enough Sophie Marceau and I had to do 15 takes of our bedroom sequence just because we saw a beautiful nipple. It’s crazy. It’s OK to shoot someone, but don’t show her nipple.”


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