Blue Swimming Trunks Again in Skyfall



Light blue appears to be Bond’s favourite colour for swimming trunks. We’ve seen it in From Russia With Love, Thunderball and Casino Royale. The ones in Goldfinger are still blue but in a darker shade. The now well-known swimming trunks from Woman of Straw are also light blue. Bond continues with sky blue swimming trunks in Skyfall, in Orlebar Brown’s Setter model. They have a zip fly, a snap fastener waist-closure, side-adjusters on the waistband, angled side pockets, short vents at the side of each leg, and zipped rear pockets. These have a not-too-short inseam of just over 4 inches, but in following the trend of clothes fitting too small these swimming trunks are too short in the rise. Though it grabs the attention of women, there should be no buttock cleavage when seated. Bond’s “builder’s bum” is out of character—it’s just as crass to let the buttocks accidentally show as it is to show them for sex appeal—but this exposure is clearly no accident. If they fit better, these would be some of the nicest swimming trunks of the series.


  1. These are excellent swim shorts, notwithstanding the rise. I have tried a pair of these on actually, and the rise hit a couple of inches higher on me, which leads me to agree with you that this was quite intentional. A shame.

    In any event, I much prefer these to the La Perla trunks in Royale.

  2. “Bond’s ‘builder’s bum’ is out of character—it’s just as crass to let the buttocks accidentally show as it is to show them for sex appeal—but this exposure is clearly no accident.”

    Considering the history of how Bond women have been portrayed and clad, it’s not unreasonable to say that what’s good for goose is good for the gander.

  3. Matt, I completely agree with you about the short rise which is both uncomfortable and unflattering. Really don’t know why they make them like this. I prefer a higher rise and shorter inseam which balances the overall look much better, in my opinion.

  4. Is there anything in Bond Skyfall’s clothing that is not too short and too tight ?…
    Please, just a T-shirt, or even a pair of socks !

    Otherwise, these swimming trunks have a very nice tailored look, it’s a pity they h. I wonder if this look can be found at reasonable prices -the Orlebar Brown prices are just a joke for swimming attire. It’s like a Tom Ford suit that costs almost the double of a Brioni.

  5. Perhaps Orlebar Brown’s “Bulldog” model would’ve been a better choice for fit, but I like these shorts better than the ones from Casino Royale.

  6. Very nice swim shorts. I am not sure I understand the usual hostility to anything low rise here – the “builder’s bum” was because Craig just got out of the water and they used the take. Simply an oversight in the production (for a few seconds of screen time) no doubt. I find low rises to look good and be far more comfortable more often than not.

  7. I have a very similar pair of swim shorts (not OB, though) and they are clearly a bit too tight on me when they’re dry. However, as soon as I jump into the water they loosen up and fit like they’re 2 inches bigger in the waist (and slide down my hips!). I wonder if the material in the OB shorts does the same? Regardless, I agree that the pose in the pic above was intentional. And judging by the reaction of my girlfriend, her friends, and, oh, say, every woman that I know and work with they’re very appreciative that those shorts fit Craig the way that they do in that picture.

    As for the rise of the shorts being “too short” that’s just opinion, not fact. I recently tried on a pair of old swim trunks that looked very similar to what we wear today but with a higher rise. My girlfriend (a 44 year professional, not a high schooler) reacted with “Ugh” and said it looked like something a suburban dad would buy from Sears. I was speaking to some female friends at the beach last year and the subject of men’s swim trunks came up. They all said that “modern” trunks which are tighter and have lower rises look much better men, especially those who are in good shape. To quote TND, give the audience what they want ;-)


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