Blue Blazer and Day Cravat in A View to a KIll


Posing as horse stable heir James St. John Smythe, James Bond wears a blue blazer with a day cravat in A View To a Kill. The blue blazer is tailored by Douglas Hayward is his usual low button two style with natural shoulders, roped sleeve heads and a clean chest. The blazer is slightly lighter than navy, which is more flattering to Moore’s low-contrast, warm spring complexion than a true dark navy is. The blazer has brass buttons, with four on the cuffs, flapped pockets and medium-length double vents that flare out. Bond wears the blazer with beige wool gabardine trousers.


A white shirt and burgundy day cravat accompany the blazer. The white shirt made by Frank Foster has a placket front, single-button cuffs and a spread collar, which is curved in inside the blazer. The white of the shirt looks very stark against Moore’s warm spring complexion, and for that reason Moore ordinarily wears cream and ecru shirts instead. Bond only leaves the shirt’s collar button unfastened. The day cravat is mostly burgundy, with a pattern including other colours. The cravat is more a part of St. John Smythe than it is a part of Bond.


  1. I almost didn't realize Moore was wearing a cravat because of its colour! Although not a fan of brass buttons, I must say the blazer looks beautiful. Moore's Douglas Hayward suits' superior cut and construction make me want to go out and invest in bespoke clothing.

  2. Low button-stance notwithstanding, this is a very timeless and elegant look, something that I'd wear today. Standard uniform for happy hour at the country club or a cocktail party in the Hamptons.

  3. Beautiful. Although we saw the blazer paired with stone colour trousers previously in Moonraker and FYEO the cravat instead of a tie suits both 007 "in character" as well as Moore's elder statesman Bond in his last couple of pictures.

  4. This is a nice blazer. Tibbett also wears a nice blazer in the limo in Paris. Unfournatly, it lacks screen time like this blazer, but I think it would make a great review Matt.


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