The Black V-Neck Jumper in The Spy Who Loved Me



Occasionally Bond likes to dress entirely in black, sometimes for sneaking around at night or sometimes just casually, as he is here. In The Spy Who Loved Me, Roger Moore wears all black when waiting around his hotel suite for a message. He wears a black V-neck jumper over a black silk shirt. The shirt has a two-button point collar and is likely not made by Moore’s usual shirtmaker Frank Foster. Bond’s flat front trousers are also black. Finishing off the outfit is a pair of black socks and black horse bit slip-ons from Ferragamo. Black is not a particularly flattering colour for for Moore’s low-contrast, warm spring complexion, thus making him look a little washed out.



  1. Will you be covering Bond's sneaking gear from Goldfinger in the future? You already covered the shoes from it I believe.

  2. Why do you think Moore dressed in all black
    casual wear for this scene? Something more Mediterranean would have been more appropriate I would think. How would you have dressed Bond in this scene Matt?

      • Watching the film again I thought the outfit looked a little out of place. A medium blue jumper, pale blue shirt and navy slacks would have worked better for Moore and fit more with the location.

  3. The proper way to wear a v neck sweater along with proper shirt and trouser color combinations would be great. I ask because sometimes I would like to wear a v neck sweater without looking like a golfer

      • Agreed. I think polo shirts can be a great casual look with v-neck sweaters. Long sleeve is even better for comfort and the ribbed sleeve hem won’t show through at the bicep.

  4. Hello, Mr. Spaiser I was wondering if the shirt was not made by Mr. Foster, then do you think it has the tab cuffs or another type of cuff on this shirt? Also, do you think that Roger Moore is wearing a belt with this outfit or something else?

    • This shirt would not have tab cuffs if Frank Foster did not make it. I don’t think he has a belt since the jumper is draping cleanly over his waistband. He doesn’t wear belts in this film.


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