Black Swimming Trunks in Casino Royale



Very little of Daniel Craig’s black swimming trunks in Casino Royale are seen. These trunks have a drawstring waistband, a thick white stripe on either side of the hips and a dark burgundy piece that curves from the bottom of the leg up to the waistband and over the seat, leaving a black semicircle at the bottom of the legs and seat. Like the light blue swimming trunks that Daniel Craig wears earlier in Casino Royale, the black trunks have a low rise, very short inseam and an overall tight fit that accentuates Daniel Craig’s “perfectly-formed arse”. Unlike the Skyfall swimming trunks, these have a long enough rise so that Craig doesn’t show buttock cleavage when he sits down. The maker of these trunks is unknown, and they were not made by La Perla like the light blue trunks earlier in the film.



  1. I actually prefer these myself to the light blue ones. While I recognize that light blue is almost universally flattering to almost anyone’s skin tone (especially if they have a tan) something about these seems a bit more restrained. Of course, I could be biased because I have nearly identical trunks to these except that they don’t have the burgundy on the back.

    The benefit to these (as well as looking good) is that they don’t slip down the way the Orlebar Brown type shorts do. I have a similar pair and when they are dry they look a little too tight, cutting into my waist. But once wet, they are too loose and slide down (although I think in Craig’s case it had nothing to do with fit and everything to do with staging the shot for a specific look).

  2. I’m glad that we’ve seen Daniel Craig’s Bond in swimwear on quite a few occasions. It definitely hearkens back to Connery’s Bond and subtlety recalls the character’s naval heritage.

    As for the choice of swimwear, I prefer the understated color scheme on this pair to the light blues.

  3. Since it’s still summer, would you consider reviewing Brosnan’s Goldeneye swimwear soon, Matt ? It’s probably the least exciting garment of the series (even Moore’s tracksuit is funnier) but I guess it’s a garment Bond has worn, haha !


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