Black Leather Gloves in The Living Daylights



Black leather gloves are a stylish and practical part of the winter wardrobe. They can be worn with a hat and overcoat over a suit or with a casual leather car coat as James Bond does in The Living Daylights. Bond’s gloves are wrist-length and have three rows of stitching on the back of the hand to shape the glove to the hand. Leather gloves for winter are typically lined in wool or cashmere, which keeps the hand warm but also breathes. Avoid gloves lined in synthetics because even though they can keep your hands very warm, they don’t breathe and will make your hands sweat. Bond matches the black gloves to his black shoes.


Some people avoid black leather gloves because of their association with criminals. People in movies and television always wear black gloves when their going to break in to a house or office or for committing a murder. But Bond simply wears black gloves because they go with his outfit.


  1. Time for me to get a pair of leather gloves. I've been needing some for years. Hopefully I can snag some at discount since they're not in season. Do you know of any decent manufacturers?

    I think you meant "don't breathe" by the way. ;)

  2. I got a great pair of gloves from Brooks Brothers this winter, but the leather gloves are now absent from the website. I got them in January and were 50% off. I have a pair from Bloomingdales (their store brand I believe) that has lasted a few seasons so far and still look great. I'm sure other high-end department stores have decent gloves under their own name, and if they have any left they will probably be a good deal.

  3. I would try Dents Gloves, a British company who carry an extensive range of classic gloves. Very Bond-like. I bought gloves from them and found them of good quality. I have a pair of black leather ones like those pictured above and a brown crochet backed gloved a bit like Bond is seen sporting for the horse riding scenes in A View To A Kill


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