Black as Night: A V-Neck Jumper and Polo in Goldfinger


Goldfinger is the first time Bond goes out at night camouflaged in black. Black is a popular choice of clothing to wear if one wants to stay hidden at night since it doesn’t reflect light. Bond wears a black V-neck wool jumper over a black knit short-sleeve polo shirt. Three buttons on the polo show above the jumper’s neck opening. He wears black wool flat front trousers that have Daks-style button-tab side-adjusters and narrow, straight legs. The trousers are likely the same pair that he wears earlier in the film when playing golf with Goldfinger.

Black socks and black plain-toe leather short ankle boots with elastic side gores and leather soles complete the outfit. The shoes are like short chelsea boots.


  1. Actually, black is a terrible color to hide at night. Night is never, ever totally black. Dark gray, green, etc. are better colors.

    Even have a story, walking in a line through the woods so dark I literally cannot see my hand in front of my face. Everyone is just holding on to the back of the guy in front to keep from getting lost. But the guy in front of me has a black vest on, and I can see it clear as day, blacker than the night, so just follow that, no problem.

  2. shoobe01, it's true that black isn't always a good choice for night camouflage. But it does have the advantage of not reflecting light. And Bond typically wears black at night. Someone should tell him to wear something else for those night missions. The grey ninja outfit in You Only Live Twice was better camouflage.

  3. There's something I've always disliked about a polo shirt worn under a pullover. For some reason it looks sloppy to me. Otherwise, the all black is not a bad casual look.

  4. Good spot, Matt. I thought it was a long sleeved polo. I have a Ralph Lauren long sleeved black polo and it reminds me of this outfit. It is very elegant. Of course they could have fitted Connery with just the jumper (I suspect it was a short sleeved polo underneath) but wearing a collar is always more flattering and smart looking.

    On the mention of the YOLT Ninja suit (which I'm looking forward to you examining!), I have a mid-grey rollneck/turtleneck/poloneck by Sunspel. I think it has been on their books for a long time (recently removed from the website, but available in-store and in their factory, in addition to other stockists) and it is quite possible that this is in fact the same garment used in YOLT.

  5. Matt, on this theme, I'd like to see you cover Moore's all black emsembles; the black polo neck and trousers in Live and Let Die and the black zip shirt in Moonraker.

    David C, it's an odd co-incidence but I have been looking to source some 100% cotton polo/roll necks myself recently and the style is not so easy to find nowadays. I contacted Sunspel only yesterday and they say they only have them for wholesale and this is being discontinued but they provided links to stockists, as you say. The English firm John Smedley also produced polo necks in merino wool and cotton and i think these may have been the make who supplied Roger Moore's in LALD, Moonraker and FYEO but i can't be sure. What do you think, Matt?

    Smedley were, in my opinion, superior in quality to Sunspel but recently the necks on polos i purchased from them didn't hold their shape and i stopped buying them.


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