Beige Linen Camp Shirt and Brown Trousers in You Only Live Twice

Connery Linen Shirt

In You Only Live Twice, Sean Connery wears an outfit of a linen sports shirt and linen trousers to be comfortable in Japan’s heat. His (darker) ecru shirt has a camp collar and a gently curved hem to be worn untucked. The front is plain with an open breast pocket, and the short sleeves have turned-up cuffs. There are five buttons down the front, and Connery leaves the top two buttons open. The shirt has a full cut for more comfort in Japan’s heat. Connery wears brown linen flat-front trousers with frogmouth pockets and brown leather sandals.

Connery Brown Linen

Compared to Q’s outfit of richer beige and tan tones, Connery wears greyer brown tones that better suit his cooler complexion. It doesn’t have to be Roger Moore in the 1970s for Bond to wear brown. In linen, especially, brown is a classic colour.


  1. I love that look and Sir Roger’s in TMWGG. This is what short sleeve shirts are : untucked, short hem, adjusted sleeve.
    My favorite is Sir Sean’s in Thunderball when he meets Largo at his villa. Those blue stripes on white with beige trousers are just the perfect holiday outfit. I am loooking forward for your covering it.

  2. I agree with Christian. The look is uniform casual here whereas the other is a mish mash of semi-casual/semi-formal but both have the dreaded open toe sandals. While these suit the climate I personally don’t like them whereas the espadrilles Connery wore in his two previous movies would have worked better with this movie’s casual wear too. The camp collar short sleeve shirt is preferable to the linen shirt with cocktail cuff too.

  3. Would linen trousers in a darker brown like this or a lighter more taupe like color be more versatile?


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