Basted for Bond: Examining Daniel Craig’s Brioni Clothes


Daniel Craig wears Brioni suits in only one James Bond film: Casino Royale. The latest “Basted for Bond” infographic features Craig’s Brioni clothes, updated from Pierce Brosnan’s. Though Craig’s Brioni suit jackets still have the same strong Roman shoulders that Brosnan’s suits have, Craig’s jackets have a closer fit through the body. The trousers, on the other hand, have a fuller cut through the leg. The jackets’ button stance is higher than normal like on Brosnan’s jackets in Die Another Day, but the gorge (the seam where the lapels are stitched to the collar) is now also higher. The higher button stance and higher gorge followed the fashion trends of the day, but it wouldn’t be until a few years later that mainstream fashion would raise the jacket’s hem as well. Variations presented in this infographic include the peaked lapel suit jacket and the dinner jacket and trousers.


  1. The Brioni suits are my least favourite on Craig.

    I think comparing Brioni suits on Craig and Brosnan is a great example of just how much importance should be placed on finding a suit that is right for your body type. Because of Brosnan’s type of build (he was the lightest-weight of all the Bonds at his start) the Brioni “cut” was a good one for him. The best suits hide your flaws and accentuate your strengths, and the “built up” nature of Brioni looked good on him. Meanwhile, I found that they looked very “block-y” on Craig. I thought they looked quite shapeless at first, but upon rewatching CR a while ago they have more shape to them then I remember. I guess the horribly built-up shoulders left me with the impression that Craig looked like a brick in them.

    While the suits on QoS were a big improvement in terms of how flattering they were for Craig’s build, I felt that the pagoda shoulders were not the best look for him either. Better than Brioni, but again they seemed designed to correct a problem that Craig doesn’t have.

  2. This is indeed a great comparison! Funny, but I like the higher gorge and lapel shape of Craig’s suits over Brosnan’s, though the Brioni shoulders are better for Brosnan. This Basted for Bond series are very interesting and enjoyable!

  3. Again, very cool infograph. I personally prefer Brioni over Ford, but I will agree that some of the suits in this film square out Craig’s frame (but the tux does look great). However, I think Lindy was trying to make Craig appear as stocky and intimidating as possible. While the QOS suits were a little more elegant, I do prefer Lindy’s costuming throughout her Bond films.

  4. Matt,

    Thanks for this series – it is informative, thorough work.

    Personally, I much prefer Craig in Brioni rather than the Ford. I must admit, I don’t understand the “bodyguard body” negative comments that occasionally show up. Craig is in great shape, and is the most credible action actor Bond has had since Lazenby. While he has weaknesses, his ability to convincingly play an action hero for this era (and his dramatic acting ability) is (are) not one of them. Just like all of the other Bond actors had various strengths that overcame their particular weaknesses.

    Also, Craig is bulkier in Casino Royale than he is in the other two films ( he actually looks a bit too small in some scenes in Skyfall).

  5. Ditto the praise for the “Basted for Bond” segments. Those TSOJBers who plan to use them as templates for their own garments:- take care. Not long after SF was released, I ordered the Bahamas arrival suit from an internet crowd (not Magnoli). It turned out to be light blue cotton, not grey linen. The fit wasn’t too bad but it didn’t survive too long as a suit because the thread used for the jacket was v.low quality and it came apart after just 2-3 wears. So, in other words, I paid a great deal of money for some lightweight trousers. Just hope you fare better.


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